Saturday, August 14, 2010

The blue fingers of happiness

There are many moments in a parent's life when you wonder if it's all worth it. The bottomless pit of expenses. The endless sleepless nights. The constant worrying about their todays and tomorrows. The fear that you aren't doing enough for them or setting enough aside for the inevitable long-term therapy.

Despite the clouds that often seem to hang over our day-to-day lives, I'm perpetually amazed by our children's ability to force the sun to shine on us all. It can be as simple as a smile, a hug or an encouraging word, most often delivered spontaneously, just because. However they choose to share the moment with us, it's rarely filtered or dampened by the external world. Instead, it's a reflection of them, before life has had a chance to rationalize the spark out of them.

To wit, our youngest son, Noah. He still holds my hand when I drop him off at school or camp, still wants me to read to him at night, still hangs out with me at the kitchen table over grapefruit juice first thing in the morning so he can tell me about the day he has planned. Still talks to the dog as if he understands every word, then holds on gently for what seems like an age as he silently divines his furry best friend's response.

I dig his spirit. He doesn't have to say a word to light up a room. All you need to do is look at him.

Your turn: Please define "human spirit". I suspect the world could use more of it these days, so we may as well start here, right?

About this picture: We're doing the blue thing as part of this week's Thematic Photographic theme. Scroll down to Thursday's entry to join in.


sage said...

I laughed at: "setting enough aside for the inevitable long-term therapy."

My daughter, at 12, still takes my hand when we walk. I know the day is coming that it'll be so other guy's hand, but for now I'm going to eat it up.

Cloudia said...

you are blessed, and may angels always be near

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Heidi said...

Your son looks like you. Same great grin. =)

Human spirit is loving life and others even when.

Anonymous said...

Having just sent my eldest 2600 miles away to college, I am savoring these moments with my youngest who just turned 11. He's still a little boy, but I know those days are slipping away.

Human spirit needs hope to survive, and it needs love to grow.

Pearl said...

wow, he looks so old, and so much like you.

how wonderful that Noah is such a joy.

Mojo said...

I'm with Sage... I snorted at "setting enough aside for the inevitable long-term therapy."

I think in the end we all wonder if we did enough, if we did it right. I still wonder even though mine are 20-something's now and one of them has a son of his own.

And yes, there were times I wondered if it was worth it, or if I had the temperament for the work. But at the end of the day, all you've got is what you've got. And strangely, it's enough (most of the time at least).

Perhaps it was Noah that painted the subject of my entry into this theme. Sounds like him, and the evidence -- though circumstantial -- is compelling.

Glennis said...

That's a sweet photo!

MorahMommy said...

He is one sweet boy. Can't we find a little of his mother in him?! ;-)

He is a delightful boy, whom I love to bits and pieces!!

I hope he'll always want to hold my hand, but I'll take it as long as it lasts!