Friday, November 09, 2012

Becoming a Radiohead

I've done some nutty things in my life, but I'm thinking today's upcoming adventure may take the cake.

I've been no stranger to the airwaves in recent years, as my life as a tech journalist has opened up a lot of neat media doors for me. I'm often called in for radio and television interviews, and I've become quite comfortable giving my $0.02 worth of perspective in 5- to 7-minute chunks. A host or an anchor asks the questions, I answer them, and we're done. Simple, really.

Well, today I exchange simple for, um, not so simple. I've been asked to sit in as guest host of Newstalk 1290 CJBK's afternoon program from 3 to 6 p.m. today. And, crazy as it may sound, I've said yes.

Why? Because it's a challenge. Because I've always wanted to know what the real other side of the mic, when you're juggling everything and keeping things on track, feels like. Because I'm so tightly identified as a tech journalist that it's probably not a bad thing to break out of the mold for a bit and exercise other parts of my brain.

Al Coombs, who's graciously had me in for our weekly tech segments for the past number of months, has firehosed everything he knows at me. And as I put my packages together and get ready to head in, I'm praying I haven't forgotten too much of it.

At worst, I'll flame out live on-air in front of oodles of Londoners, many of whom know me. At best, it'll be a fun afternoon's worth of radio. I'm banking on the latter, and I hope you'll be able to tune in.


fredamans said...

That's uber-cool Carmi! I bookmarked the page to listen live, if I can. I don't get the channel on my radio, stupid reception... but will do my best to listen.

fredamans said...

Um, listening to you now... had no idea how deep your voice is, but I guess being online how would I?! LOL