Sunday, January 04, 2015

Breakfast of champions? Not so much.

‎Behold the snacks we purchased for the kids before we set out on our epic road trip. And in the interest of complete transparency, some of this was for me, as well. Blueberry Pop Tarts? Yes, please!

I'm guessing none of this is, by a nutritionist's definition, "good" for you. This is junk food, pure and simple. Chazerai, as my Yiddish-speaking grandmother would have called it. Garbage.

And yet, when do we take epic road trips as a family? How often do we get in the car and drive, together, ridiculous distances just so we can spend time with each other and with our extended family? How often do our kids get to experience a wildly memorable couple of weeks like the ones they've just had?

Not often enough by my calculation. ‎So even if it lands me in the Bad Parenting Hall of Fame, I'm cool with the equally rare road trip junk food binge fest. Because those memories aren't going to make themselves, and when the car is eventually cleaned out and this vacation fades into their history, I want moments like this to stick with them.

And I want them to smile at the very thought of it.

Welcome home, kids. Hope you enjoyed the experience. I know I did.


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

It's OK to have junk food every now and then and when better to have it than on a road trip! :)

Gilly said...

So long as you KNOW its junk food, that's OK ;)

And taken on great road trips, what is better?! You are not going to want to stop and get out the camping gas stove and cook a bowl of something dull and healthy!!