Thursday, January 01, 2015

Celebrate the little things

One glass, many meanings
London, ON
October 2014
Thematic's favorite photos of the year continues here.
Over the past year and a bit, I've learned the real value of appreciating the little things in life. I grew up with the whole "don't sweat the small stuff" ethos ringing in my head, repeated mantra-like by every authority figure virtually from the moment I could first understand the meaning of the phrase.

But I never fully agreed with it. Because small stuff is what makes life as vibrant and memorable as it is. When you watch a snail slowly cross the pathway with your kids, you're implanting a moment in their minds that will stay with them forever, and likely ripple through their lives in ways you can't even begin to understand right now. Sure, it's a stupid, slime-filled snail. But if it gives you the opportunity to stop time and create something real for those who matter to you, then you do yourself and them a disservice by blasting past it because you were so focused on making a big bang.

This wine glass - filled with water, alas - was another small moment in a life increasingly filled with them. And I can practically feel the warmth of the moment every time I look back at this otherwise ordinary picture. I was with my family, in the middle of a huge party, surrounded by friends and good vibes.

The simple wine glass is a reminder to me that seemingly simple things like this are anything but ordinary. And as the new year begins in earnest, I hope you'll look for the extraordinary moments in the nooks and crannies of your own everyday life that in the past you might have otherwise ignored. In 2015, I hope you'll stop ignoring them and start drinking them in no matter what anyone else might say. Because the story is yours to write, and I can't wait to see what you have to say.

Your turn: What will that first little thing be? Go ahead, let us know!

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21 Wits said...

Carmi, I find your post ironic this morning. I often think on this level about those vibrant little things in life. But for some reason even more lately. Is it with the new year upon us again? Maybe. I long to capture not just what lies in front of me, in plain clear sight, but the simple hidden somethings that often go unnoticed. Much like those quiet voices that have more for us to hear than those who cannot stop talking right next to us. They say the wheel that squeaks the most gets greased, but I believe otherwise as well.