Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I doubt I'll ever come across a better keyboard than Apple's full-sized, USB model in the photo above. My fingers just seem to like everything about it. Perfect keys, layout, feel, minimalist aesthetic, the whole enchilada.

I've become so addicted to these things that I feel hobbled when I write on anything else. Seriously, I'm buying a truckload of them so that I'll have spares when Apple eventually decides to introduce an "improved" model. Sorry, gang, but this is a design that needs no further improvement.

The strange things that make me happy.

Your turn: What seemingly mundane tool of everyday life makes you happy?

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Unknown said...

At the risk of sounding foolish, Carmi, having a reliable automobile that starts every time I put the keys in the ignition. But regarding computers, I'm a PC journalist and the new 8.0 version is not user-friendly. I'm glad you like the MAC and admire anyone who is well versed on it. I hear they are superior machines! :)