Saturday, August 21, 2004

Better, Not Older

We visited my great aunt today. She was always the coolest aunt of my grandparents' generation, and seeing her whenever we visit Montreal helps us reconnect to where we came from.

I always worry about bringing the kids to visit elderly relatives. They're so full of happy energy that I wonder if they'll simply overwhelm whoever we see. Yet as crazy as they can be when they get going, they somehow know how to adapt themselves to any situation. Instead of bouncing off the walls, they go soft and cuddly, even a little shy at first. They pose for pictures without even being asked. They're on their best behavior for as long as we're there.

Before long, the visit is over and we're left to wonder how she'll fare until our next drive in. Life gets harder as you age, and you wish you could do something to help loved ones make it easier. But you can't. And that short visit with the perfectly-behaved kids will have to hold everyone over until the next time we come to town.

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