Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Foggy Morning in London

We woke up this morning to another typically murky morning in this burg. So I did what any other digital camera newbie would do: I walked outside our front door and took this morose view of our street. Enjoy.


Rich Rosenthal II said...

Full size the image almost looks like an impresionistic painting. I like the blues along th edges of the trees

carmilevy said...

We get fog here fairly regularly. And every time we wake up to a pea soup day, I always tell myself I'll go get my camera. Only, by the time I finish mucking around the house, the fog has lifted and the opportunity has passed. This time I grabbed first and let everything else wait. I suspect I'll be doing more of that in future, since it's those fleeting moments in which the most vivid memories - and photos - are born.

I love the mood of this scene. It's very pensive!

Diane said...

A wonderful photo - thanks so much for sharing.