Sunday, August 08, 2004

DND Agrees: I'm a Troublemaker

My pseudo-paranoia continues to grow. Not only am I the subject of a full-blown bean counter investigation (see previous post), but the Canadian Forces College (part of the Department of National Defence) has posted links to a couple of my columns.

The daily summary of military-friendly pieces published in Canada is called Spotlight on Military News, and as best I can figure, they have someone - or a piece of software - scanning the major publications for pieces reflective of military thinking. No value-adds here: simply a title and a hyperlink. But as long as it shows up in a search engine, I'm a happy camper.

Links to the two pieces can be found at:
Battle of Atlantic Never Forgotten (published May 5, 2004)
Risk a Critical Element of Living (published January 28, 2004)

The Risk piece is no longer online - it was published before moved to its new online publishing process. But I'll post it if anyone asks (hint!)

The bottom line: my work shows up in some pretty cool places. Quite encouraging.


Trillian said...

Congratulations, Carmi. I imagine that must feel great to have such far-flung recogition and have citations all over the place. The citation with the largest distribution for me came when I was mentioned as a volunteer in my daughter's 2004 dance recital. Nice.

carmilevy said...

Thanks! I'm always amazed at where my work will turn up. Our interconnected world seems to almost create these connections. That it wouldn't happen to this degree - or wouldn't happen at all - a mere few years ago makes it more amazing still.