Saturday, August 07, 2004

Carmi the Security Threat

The world is filled with all kinds of people. At opposite ends of the spectrum, they're either kind souls, or they're decidedly not.

When I got wind that I was being investigated by some obviously underworked former-colleague-and-leader-of-nobody because I dared drop in to say hi to some former colleagues, I took some time out of my day to call said person to register my displeasure.

I generally don't do the angry thing all that well. But anyone who even suggests that I'm up to no good - and in doing so threatens the integrity of my name - is going to get an earful. Remember, I'm a cynical journalist-type, so I have little patience for this kind of silliness.

After getting off the phone with said sponge minion, still angry that my message obviously hadn't traversed the decades of bureaucratic plaque that plagued this person's frontal lobe, I logged back into my PC and read a newly-arrived followup letter from a reader who was touched by my Father's Day column.

Niceness trumped nastiness. The reason I write was validated once again. And those who dwell in glass offices yet fail to see the outside world with any degree of clarity were once again relegated to the dark little world in which they feel so secure.

I have it on excellent authority that morons make great fodder for fiction.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carmi,
I just love the posting - I'm thinking of putting in an RFP (Request for Purchase) to my resource manager in Technology Services for your book. Do you think it will fly? :) Probably not. Oh well. I love a good fight! Keep on writing! Fight the Power!
The Mongoose

carmilevy said...

I write with a sharp pen - and it has infinitely greater power than the small-minded pettiness of a few lifelong technocrats. Looks like a few people forgot the Do Unto Others rule. Pity.