Monday, August 09, 2004

Iron Chef, Meet Iron Blog

If you've never watched an episode of Iron Chef, you're doing your funny bone a significant disservice. This Japanese import predates the current reality television craze, and goes the Johnny-come-latelies one better by never taking itself too seriously - if at all.

TV Tome has this summary of the series. The Internet Movie Database has this one.

Now comes word of Iron Blog, a riff on the original culinary concept, now applied to online debate. Very cute, and worthy of Chairman Kaga's nod.


Trillian said...

Lol! I had to stop watching that show, as I couldn't watch them make a dessert out of cod anymore. I think it's a guy-thing.

carmilevy said...

The Eel Battle remains my all-time fave. Watching them hack the poor things to death was too funny for words. That the rules of keeping kosher preclude me from ever eating anything on the show is irrelevant: it's great theatre.