Monday, August 30, 2004

More Photo Fun

London has these weird sunsets sometimes. The sky gets this incredibly yellowish tinge that literally bathes everything in an eerie tone. We had one of those nights this past week. Of course, by the time I stopped ruminating about the possible root cause of this phenomenon, fed the cat, finished my butterscotch pudding, read the kids a bedtime story, grabbed the camera and headed out the door, things had darkened appreciably. Still, the sky looked pretty unreal, and I feel privileged to have captured another one of those fleeting photographic moments.


Wheelson said...

There are three types of cones in our eyes, and the cones are what give us our color vision. Each cone responds to a different color, with it's response maxing out at a specific wavelength. The total response of all three cones together peaks at 560 nm -- somewhere between yellow and green in the spectrum.

I know the sunsets I find most enjoyable are the bright yellow sunsets against green trees. Maybe the physics of how the eye works explains why? Since the eye response best to these yellow and green wavelengths, they are also the colors we're able to see most clearly which also explains why it feels like I can see every leaf on a tree when a bright yellow sunset is shining on it?

Oz said...

I have been very confused about your references to London when I knew that you lived in Canada. Then I slapped my hand to my forehead and thought, I bet there's a London in Canada! Then I read your profile a little more closely and found that, indeed, you live in London, Canada. Just thought I'd share. :)

carmilevy said...

Thanks for bringing that up! I get confused, too. This city's propensity to name everything after the British London doesn't help, either. For example, on my way into work, I cross over the Thames River. I ride on Oxford, Queens, Wellington, and Dufferin streets. You figure they could come up with some original names. But nooooo.

At least we're not alone: More broadly, the province of Ontario has identity crises all over the place. Cities like Paris, Delhi, Odessa, and Perth all dot the map.

It's kind of fun when you're driving. My favorite place name is Battersea. Aside from being the title to an unbelievably cool song by Hooverphonic, the word is, on its own, incredibly descriptive of that town's waterside perch. Language is a wondrous thing, isn't it?