Saturday, September 02, 2006

100 things about me

I've been asked by a bunch of folks to write a 100-things-about-Carmi list. I've resisted for a while because I generally don't do memes. These things take time - which is something I do not have much of these days. I also don't think anyone's really that interested in knowing all that much about me.

But the 100-things thing still gnawed at me for months. So I wrote one. And now that I've knoncked off one, I think I might do another one sometime.

Here we go...
  1. When I was born, I was fat, red-haired, and incredibly cross-eyed.
  2. My uncle called me Butterball.
  3. These days, I'm relatively thin, I eat whatever I wish, and I have trouble gaining weight.
  4. Women hate me as a result.
  5. My eyes are fairly large and blue. I can see in the dark.
  6. The flip side is I need to wear sunglasses on even moderately bright days. Otherwise, I can barely see.
  7. Between the ages of 4 and 6, I wore a two-legged cast with bars in between.
  8. As a result, I learned to swim and ride a bike really late: 8- and 10-years-old, respectively.
  9. I made up for lost time: I eventually became a lifeguard. I often cycle more kilometers per year than some motorists.
  10. I met my wife while working as a lifeguard.
  11. She thought I looked hot in a Speedo.
  12. I no longer own a Speedo.
  13. I've never been in a fight.
  14. Unless you count my being assaulted by a motorist last year.
  15. I wrote about him here, here, here and here. He later pleaded guilty. Loser.
  16. No, I did not swear at him.
  17. My first published work was a poem in my high school yearbook.
  18. My English teacher that year thought I was a slacker.
  19. I have since concluded that she was likely correct: I skated when it came to writing because it was easy.
  20. I own two bicycles: a purple one and a pink one.
  21. My masculinity is not compromised in the least.
  22. My wife agrees with me.
  23. I take pictures of the strangest things.
  24. I learned this from my late grandfather. When I was a kid, I'd go to the park with him and we'd watch squirrels play.
  25. He appreciated the little things that most people ignore. I got that.
  26. I've been known to cry during movies.
  27. I also laugh. From my belly. When I smile, I smile with my whole face. And my soul.
  28. Sometimes, I laugh for no apparent reason. Also from my belly.
  29. It makes no sense to anyone else. That's OK if it makes them smile, too.
  30. I love being the only one awake in the house before dawn breaks.
  31. I love listening to the birds as they begin their morning song.
  32. I love the sound of a silent house.
  33. I love when that sound is replaced by pattering little feet.
  34. I love listening to our youngest sing to himself while he plays.
  35. I believe that when our kids doze, they smell like sleep.
  36. When I was a teenager, I walked away from a car accident on a Montreal highway.
  37. Someone else was driving.
  38. To this day, I'm a nervous passenger. I'd rather be the one behind the wheel.
  39. There's something neat about a car with a sunroof.
  40. I'll keep mine open as long as there isn't ice on it, even if I have to crank the heater in winter.
  41. I'm a closet Mac addict, stuck in a conventional PC world. Help me.
  42. I once flew on a blimp. I tossed popcorn out the windows and tried to hit the swimming pools below. (I missed, by the way.)
  43. My request to actually fly the blimp was politely declined.
  44. I hate big crowds, loud noise, and boisterous people.
  45. I like to linger around the perimeter, where I can quietly observe the proceedings.
  46. I dislike parties. They're too warm, and my feet hurt afterward.
  47. I'm a rare writer who barely drinks alcohol.
  48. I hate drawing attention to myself.
  49. Yet I love being published, interviewed and quoted. I have no idea why: it's just cool.
  50. I am addicted to movie soundtracks. A good movie can often be driven by music.
  51. I had a strong singing voice when I was a child.
  52. Then I hit puberty.
  53. I often hum while I ride my bike.
  54. I won't sing to anyone else. I don't enjoy inflicting pain.
  55. I believe people are fundamentally good until they prove otherwise.
  56. If they show their nasty side, I'm pretty quick to leave them be.
  57. I'm patently unable to simply forgive and forget.
  58. I learned long ago that you don't have to like everybody.
  59. Even if you're related to them.
  60. I have relatively few friends. They are all incredibly dear to me. I have no patience for shallowness.
  61. Selfish people really tick me off. Generosity of spirit is so much more inspiring.
  62. My father had his first heart surgery 10 days after our daughter was born.
  63. We loaded her into the car and drove back home to be there.
  64. He needed a number of transfusions during the surgery. Total strangers helped him. That affected me somehow.
  65. I started donating blood plasma then. I figured this was a nice way to give back.
  66. I donate each week. It's an inspiring way to spend a couple of hours on an early Friday morning.
  67. The cookies, juice and conversation are pretty good, too.
  68. I ride my bike and eat right so that my kids never have to make that trip.
  69. And if they do, it'll be because of something I couldn't control.
  70. Like cancer. I fear it. It has taken many family members. But I can't lose sleep over things I cannot change.
  71. Smokers bother me.
  72. Actually, it is their stupidity and self-centredness that bother me.
  73. I am the youngest of three children.
  74. I write about the people who matter most to me.
  75. Whoever gets no ink probably doesn't matter most.
  76. I'm not being mean. I reserve my limited time for the folks who appreciate it and deserve it.
  77. My world revolves around my wife and our three children.
  78. She carried them for 9 months each. They sorta look like me. Life isn't fair.
  79. Thankfully, they inherited my wife's fundamental kindness.
  80. I hate when people can see my computer screen.
  81. I once drove a cubicle for a living.
  82. Now I write about my adventures in cubicle-land.
  83. If you know a publisher who'd be interested in my book, e-mail me.
  84. It'll be my second book. My first one was published in 2004.
  85. It was about technology infrastructure. My parents didn't understand a word of it.
  86. When I worked for Mother Corp., I would often do Google searches for "sheep porn."
  87. I knew it would drive the network admins insane.
  88. I once rode my bike through the building on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
  89. I learned that thirty-year-old burned-orange carpet squares have lousy traction.
  90. Quitting that place turned out to be a pretty smart move.
  91. I used to phone into a radio call-in show using as many different voices and accents as I could.
  92. The producer eventually busted me. They still aired four of my other voices.
  93. I eventually became the associate producer of that same show.
  94. I never told my news director. I guess I'm busted now.
  95. I have an uncanny ability to remember the most arcane facts.
  96. I was on my high school's Reach for the Top team.
  97. We lost. I swore on-air.
  98. I still do not know where the pots and pans belong.
  99. It explains why my wife can be so annoyed by me - and loves me to bits and pieces. All at the same time.
  100. That makes me incredibly lucky. Not a day goes by that I don't remind myself of this.
  101. I've apparently overstayed my welcome. This list was supposed to be only 100 items long, right?
  102. Yet I've enjoyed this process immensely. I think I'll write another one soon.
Your turn: Should I?

Update: In the end, I did. Part 2 is available here.

Update - Sep. 22, 2012: Apparently, 2 lists weren't enough. Part 3 has just been posted. Here.


Valbee said...

Yes, you should. :) I found it interesting. I'm frequently inspired to write about something that was triggered when reading someone else's meme. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

Anonymous said...

I loved your loist fo 100 things! You are a very kind and interesting soul, Carmi! When I did my list (which took me a long time to finally get to as well) I found it very enjoyable and went over 100 as well! I donate plasma twice a week, but we don't get juice and cookies!
When I had my old blog, you visited often, now I fear you don't like me much. Which makes me feel like I must be a horrible person! :(
And this comment is sounding like a list of I don't know what! LOL
Here from Michele's!

carmilevy said...

No worries, SD. I've been really busy with work lately. Big things seem to be happening in my career, and it's left me with relatively little time to read other blogs and comment on them.

My relative absence shouldn't be taken in any negative way. I'm just up to my ears in work, and trying to work my way out. Hopefully things will calm down soon so I can once again spend time reading the folks who inspire me so much.

Panthergirl said...

I loved that, Carmi!! I got a phone call mid-read and I was so bummed to be interrupted. You know that I share your disdain for smokers, for the same reason. A very real one at our house.

Here again, by way of michele.

Suzanne said...

absolutely! I enjoyed the first one and would gladly read another! I've actually always enjoyed people's 100 things lists. You can learn the tidbits that help you relate to the author. I keep mine on the home page of Contemblogging for easy access.

Tracie Nall said...

Michele sent me. What a great 100 things list! I really enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Carmi,
Back via Michele's.
You actually might have inspired me to do one too. I have been putting it off as well.
Enjoyed reading yours.

Jennifer said...

you are such a genuine person! at first i was going to say no, that writing 100 things can be tough... but of course you seem to belt it out with no problem... or so it seems that you did because each one flows so nicely from one to the other. i truly enjoyed reading your list. i did my 100 things for my 100th post and it was kinda hard to come up with that many things... i never posted the link to it in my sidebar, like some people do so if you want to read it, you'll have to dig thru my blog!

Catherine said...

Oh, definitely do another one soon! It was a great list. I intended to do one for my 100th post, but I only got up to 38 and then discovered I was already past 100 posts, so it is languishing on a corner of my desktop.
Michele sent me.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Like you Carmi, I resisted doing the 100 things meme and then, just like you, felt I could do another 100! Which truly shocked and suprised me! Love your list and for what it is worth I found it very very interesting and would love to see the next 100! (lol) You do learn a lot about a person from this particular meme, don't you think?

Moon said...

I wonder if I could even think of 100 things about myself? hmmm
I went to school with a boy who had a leg cast with a bar between them...not sure if it was the same but his legs were always wide apart..but he was so adapted that with his crutches he was amazingly able to play all kinds of games, while swining his legs here and there...he had that brace thing on for over a year if not longer if I remember correctly.
I will never forget him because of that.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

Love to all.....

Moogie said...

Yes you should! I loved this list Carmi! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

More! More!! More!!!

tiff said...

More please!

Here from Michele's today.

Tia said...

Hi from Michele! I usually pop by on my own anyway, but have been gone a few days....

Your 100 things reconfirmed some things that come through in your writing loud and clear every day and also taught me a few new things. Thanks for sharing that! =)

Nic said...

YES! Absolutely yes, my friend! I thoroughly enjoyed your 102 things about you! Humorous, great insight into who you are and what makes you tick and very interesting. My soldier man's favorite color is purple and it does not compromise his masculinity in the least either!

Here from Michele's today.

Unknown said...

Yup, go for it. I think you're a really interesting person and I'd like to know more about your home, your favorite foods, and your work style.

Here from Michele.

kenju said...

Of course you should! We enjoyed this one, so the second is bound to be as good, if not better.

kenju said...

Back again, via Michele this time. About your cast? I hope you have no lingering effects from that. I had to wear corrective shoes as a child, and one of my children also had to wear shoes with a bar between them at night for several years.

sage said...

yeah, you should--quite a list of a 100 things, I've voided writing such a list so far, but you make me wonder what I'm missing--I keep getting you at Michele's today, btw.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I REALLY enjoyed your list. You lead a fantastic life, Carmi! So.... are we going to be able to share a cup of coffee while you are in the city? Let me know if you have any time on your trip. Hopefully, I'll havemy voice backby then.

Thumper said...

Heh...Awesome. ANd yes, you should totally do another 100. And archive them all somehow...

Oh and #83...I know one, but your distribution would suck and your royalties would total about $12 US annually... However, next year--there could be more. Much more...

scrappintwinmom said...

I enjoyed reading that immensely! I started one myself, but never finished it. Thinking I'll revisit it now. Here via Michele.

jsdaughter said...

That was fun to read, and yes you should do another sometime... It would be interesting to compare the two! I really don't think I could think of a hundred things to say about myself...

Prego said...

I knew your list would be worth a read. Usually I just browse the highlights.

I hate smokers too. My mom's 62 year old lungs quit on her because of some weird disease and here are some crusty old bastards puffing away into their octogenarian years.

There are several other items I found notable... but I won't bore you with the musings.

take care. here via michele

Anonymous said...

Carmi - yes you should! You've visited me and told me how much you appreciate my memes - well, your's was wonderful. Please do it again. Isn't it fun to feel your mind flow from one topic to the next? Yes, they take time, but they are so much fun.

Oh, and since you love humor, you MUST visit my blog. I think you will appreciate today's post.

And Michele did send me, though I am sure I will always visit regardless of Michele. Now that we're nearly established in our new home, I will be more consistent!

Azgreeneyes said...

Carmi, that was wonderful. I loved how you remember going to the park with your late grandfather to watch the squirrels play. I used to do that as well with my grandpa, and it meant so much to share that with him.
Here via Michele's...

Anonymous said...

What a great list Carmi.
Yes, I agree with #4 and kudos for #66. You could have gone to #103 and I'd still be all eyes.

You re inspiring, way to go!

verniciousknids said...

I wonder how many people are going to google "sheep porn" after reading your list?!

Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

Wow interesting. Yes do 101 to 200 please!
How do you drive a cubicle for a living? Here on my own!

Leanne said...

Please do :) that was fantastic.

Diane said...

And I enjoyed reading it immensely. Thank you so much for sharing!

Sandy said...

Yes, you should. :) I think we get a good idea of who you are by the things you write. You're not a writer removed from his words - your words are bits of your heart and soul. It was nice, however, to see a little more of how you define yourself.

Anonymous said...

My husband doesn't know where the pots and pans go, either.

Anonymous said...

This was great! I did mine in 4 installments of 25 and keep it on my sidebar. I love the list structure. It really lends itself to stream of consciousness. I'd rather read one of these than a resume and I'd know the person's character a lot better by doing so. I like the distillation...and yet, we know you so much better as a human being!

Anonymous said...

You are entirely more motivated than I am Carmi. I started to write one of those and then thought bah and wrote a short about me page instead. Michele says hi tonight.

Anonymous said...

4-12, nod interesting. any budging on reversing on 12? :)
41 Mac will rule.
42 sounds like fun
47 good :) me too.
70 well you could lost sleep over it, but it causes cancer.

91-94 made me laugh.

Jezzy said...

Loved reading this list. You did a great job!

LBA said...

I really enjoyed reading this Carmi .. the way you flowed one point to another.

Your wife, kids, family and loved ones certainly seem to be lucky people. You sound like a nice person.

Carola said...

wow - i want to write one for myself now... tho im sure each point would only get longer and longer as i added a new story to each particular point - or i could join multiple points in like you have...

If 44 is correct - you might not want to ever meet me. Im loud, crazy, laugh all the time, do crazy things to people and well... im sure thats all boistrous behaviour. Oh well... just accept my online persona as a make do :D

Nice one Charlie Brown.
(i know your not CB - it made me laugh tho)
PS - you have alot of fan mail for this one too :D

Karen said...

Carmi, this rocked! I just love reading these list, especially from bloggers that are great writers. Fascinating stuff. Perhaps I'll do one of these for my next post...especially since I can't think of anything else right now.

Happy Labor Day Evening. Stopping by to say hi.

persia said...

I would have commented sooner but I was away over the weekend and could only attempt reading WrittenInc from the hotel computer. Apparently The Fairfield Inn doesn't like your words 'sheep porn' either. Access denied!
Yep keep on writing... :-)

Jennifer said...

In a word, yes!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, write another hundred. I just found you through a comment you'd left on Cassie-b's site.

I am so glad I did. I will visit again; and again, I am sure.

Beaman said...

I enjoyed reading your list and also your main blog. Maybe I'll have a go with the 100 list. Best Wishes.

Melody said...

Hi Carmi! Thanks for visiting my writing blog and leaving a comment on an assignment.

I enjoyed reading your list, and will add your link onto my blogroll. :)

Weary Hag said...

Holy mackeral. I really enjoyed reading your 100 things list. I tend to like listy type things anyway but I felt as though I could connect with yours somehow.
Thank you for stopping over to The Outpost. I've read your comments for a long while now on Kenju's and others' blogs but I'm not sure if I ever made it over for a visit. It's like that neighbor a few doors down who you wave to for years while getting into your car, but never actually stop to talk with. And you wonder.

It's nice not to wonder so much anymore.

Happy and safe holidays to you and yours.

Cher & Gene Klosner said...

This was a great read...when I was growing up, I had a neighbor boy who wore a cast and brace between his legs at that age too - I wondered if you might be him, but not the same name. Same spirit, though! :)
Thanks for this, Carmi!

Cher Klosner Lane

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmi. It was great to read all those things about you. I feel compatible with your life philosophy. THere are not many like you left in this world. Why?

Zuzana said...

I am not sure you will ever see this comment, nevertheless; I so identify with your number 30 and 48. And can understand number 49, although none of those things have happened to me:;)
I hope you are no longer a secret Mac fan; as Apple rules.;) Steve is my hero;)
This was a fun read.;)

Rachel R. said...

Can we start a "people who have trouble gaining weight" club?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list.

(BTW, Michele - whomever that is - did not send me. lol I arrived here via the Pensieve blog.)

Jensen said...

I am extremely late in discovering you, your mind, and use of words.. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your 100 things about you; and learned so much, in so little time. :) Nice of you to have shared that so openly! I look forward to additional visits to quite a legacy.