Sunday, June 07, 2009

Caption This 124

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London, ON, May 2009 [Click to embiggen]

After the evening storms have swept through the region, we often end up with memorable remnants in the sky. But only if we take the time to look up. For better or for worse, I've got my head in the sky more often than not.

Your turn: I adore when nature paints the sky with something that piques the imagination. What on (or off, for that matter) earth could this be? I'll leave that entirely up to you. Please suggest a creative caption - or name, or whaever you wish - for this photo by clicking the comment link below. Feel free to participate as often as you'd like. Head here for more background on how Caption This works.

About last week's goose pic: I guess I'm not the only one who finds birds in flight to be worthwhile subjects. The following good folks make honorable menschen for their suggestions:
  • Colleen: "Winging it."
  • Robin: "Free bird."
  • Jean: "Miles to fly before I sleep."
David's "Bird Force One" takes it this week. I've been reading his blog, Sugarloaf Mountain, ever since I can remember, and his words have never failed to inspire me. He creates, he builds and he reflects on the kind of world - the natural one - most of us seem to have forgotten. He writes as he lives, and there are lessons for all of us in every word he shares. A must-read.


POST-IT UP said...

Crazy weather!
Like your blog

Robin said...

Ice cream castles in the air

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Giant Chicken lays fluffy egg

David Edward said...

" Carmi leaves power lines in pic to make David feel better"

David Edward said...

thank you for the honor, and for the kind words. You are at true gentleman. Sugarloaf Mountain is a better blog because I have you as a friend and source of inspiration.

carmilevy said...

David: Thank you, my friend. Had to laugh at your power line reference. Composition was tough because I couldn't avoid having them in the shot.

But in the end, I decided to run the shot as is - no heroic PhotoShopping for me - because it represented a real, immediate moment. Sometimes, we have to look through the foreground to see the big picture :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
I see an elephant; therefore my caption is:

"Jumbo the Nimbus Cloud"


P.S. What type of trousers does a pachyderm wear?
Elepants! He keeps extras in his trunk!

awareness said...

Dumbo Takes Flight....

Mojo said...

"Call the Ghostbusters! It's the Sta-Puft Marshmallow... Turkey?"

Okay, okay, I'll stop.

How about this instead:
Thematic Photographic 52: "Dusk" v.6.0

Jean said...

* Between the Lines

Jean said...

Terri and Awareness are right,

* There is an elephant in the sky!

* Short trunk and big teeth make him a better elephant

* It's gonna rain elephants!