Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catching up on scribblings

It's been a busy week of writing for me. As part of my grand plan to build a writing empire that I can manage from my laptop under the maple tree in our front yard, I've begun publishing some regular tech columns and articles on the web.

I'll periodically post links to them here in case you want to see what I do all day. (Well, not all day, since I do my best writing late at night. But you know what I mean.) Happy reading!

Betanews - I write a column called Wide Angle Zoom that publishes every Monday and Thursday. First wrote about it here.
TG Daily - I publish a tech opinion piece each Monday
Processor Magazine - I write editorial pieces focusing on helping IT folks make better use of tech
Your turn: We're still taking Caption This submissions here. If you've ever wanted to assign a cheeky name to a low-flying Canada Goose, now's your chance. New entry goes up tomorrow.


awareness said...

Great Captions for your articles...I will now go and read a few of them. :)

Cloudia said...

Why do CAPitols go at top
but CAPtions at bottom?

Then there's deCAPitation....

Just wondering under a palm tree, Carmi. Aloha-

Jean said...

Whoa whoa, that is a whole lot of stuff to read!

This time I come from Tanya..

Anonymous said...

First you got the Apple geeks all upset at you, now you've done gone and got the Microsoft weenies all perturbed.
Be afraid. Mildly afraid.
They may write strongly worded letters to the Internet, or heaven forbid, post a You-Tube video!
You may have to go into hiding and change your I.P Address. ( going on the lam ain't what it used to be)
Perhaps you should post under an alias so the dweebs cannot find you. I suggest "Karma Leave Me".
I must go now and fortify my bunker against the hordes of Trekkies and Star Wars fancypants.

James T. Kirk