Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fire across the water

Painted sky
Komoka, ON, April 2009 [Click to enlarge]

There's a moment during the sunset, when the sun slips below the horizon, that I often find myself thinking metaphysical thoughts about the orbital processes that allow us to observe miracles like this. I try to mentally measure the light as I wonder what it looks like way west of here where someone stands unseen, facing right back at me, watching the sun rise.

Perspective is a remarkable thing. And on this night, I'm glad I stepped onto a friend's terrace to ponder the things I could see. And the things I couldn't.

Your turn: What's going through your mind as the sun goes down?

About this photo: It's dusk week all week long. If you're looking for some Thematic Photographic goodness, click here.


bobbie said...

What a beautiful shot!

I never thought about what I think about as the sun sets - or rises. Now that I do - I think I just allow myself to become saturated in its beauty while time stands still. Perhaps next time I will try to think of what I am thinking.

Lynda said...

Beautiful, Carmi!

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Beatiful--those colors are fantastic.

Just about any time I see something that AWEsome, I think how amazing it is that the same One who created such a beautiful world created me and loves me. ♥

Mojo said...

I've waxed all kinds of eloquent (or tiresome depending on your point of view) about my love for this time of day. This time of year it just comes a little too late in the day to really demonstrate what I'm talking about. It's the transition between the crush of the day and the ease of the night that I think is what does it for me. Or maybe it's the fact that the night itself hasn't gotten crazed yet (usually), so the potential is limitless.
Or maybe it's just cause it's nice to look at. I think I missed linking yesterday's post, so watch as I remedy that, link the new one and offer a reminder to all and sundry about the BlogLuxe Nomination for Violence UnSilenced ('cause it's hard out there for a pimp ya know?) all in one comment. Presto!

Thematic Photographic 52: "Dusk" v.2.0
Thematic Photographic 52: "Dusk" v.3.0
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theMuddledMarketPlace said...

what was going through my mind ,one day as/ after the sun went down

Michael K. Althouse said...

What's going through my mind? really, you don't want to know! But seriously, I can relate to your sentiments and the shot you chose to accompany them. I wonder often and write about it sometimes...

It just seems so surreal at times - the all of the everything and the vastness of nothing.

Yes, well there I go again.

Tanya sent me,


Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful. Sunset is my very favorite time of day - I couldn't paint a better scene if I tried (and if I knew how to paint).

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