Monday, June 15, 2009

Road in motion

Somewhere on the I-75, KY, December 2008

I think we all have occasional days when everything seems to look like this.

Your turn: How do you turn the blur off?

What's wrong with Carmi? Nothing beyond the usual. Just finding new ways to explore this week's Thematic Photographic "road" theme. Head here to share your own. And if you haven't captioned yet, click here.


Mojo said...

Actually yeah. For starters, today was a really good example. The last several days actually... which is why I have such a backlog of links to post!

Thematic Photographic 53: "Road" v.2.0
Thematic Photographic 53: "Road" v.3.0
Thematic Photographic 53: "Road" v.4.0
Thematic Photographic 53: "Road" v.5.0
Thematic Photographic 53: "Road" v.6.0

Dana said...

How do I turn the blur off?

I squint.

Either that or I just go with the blur......