Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm not wearing pants

Post-air self-portrait
London, ON
June 2009

I don't often take pictures of myself. Nor am I terribly pleased when others turn the lens on me. I realize this is somewhat odd for a photographer to say, but I don't particularly enjoy flipping through pictures and coming across one of my rather oddly formed face.

I guess this may explain why I hide behind the camera as much as I do.

But after I finished an interview earlier this afternoon*, I thought today was as good a day as any to share a little bit of fun I've been having ever since I started doing work in front of the TV camera.

First, some background: As a child, I was addicted to news (I know, big surprise.) And every time I watched a newscast, I wondered what the newscaster was wearing below the desk. I laughingly assumed he - it was always a he in the dark ages - wasn't wearing any pants.

I wondered how cool it would be to sit there, perfectly shirted, tied and coated on top, and defiantly casual under the desk. Shorts, pyjamas, whatever...just imagining it added another dimension to the news. It made these bigger-than-life folks seem a bit more real, a bit more human.

Of course, when I did my first interview, I wore a suit. And did so for pretty much every interview thereafter. But one day I got called in and had to cycle over to the studio, and the thought of riding in a suit just didn't sit right with me. So I threw on a pair of cargo shorts and sandals, and then topped it off with the usual jacket, shirt and tie. I got some great laughs as I walked into the studio, but given how most interviews are shot - head and shoulders, essentially - it made no difference to the audience.

Even better, my childhood memories were reawakened. Indeed, the guy on TV wasn't wearing pants.

As I was out and about with our daughter today, it made no sense to wear a suit on a hot, humid and intermittently rainy day. So I tossed the official-looking top half on just as I got to the studio, and grabbed this shot (G-d bless the wireless camera remote and the GorillaPod) just before I reverted, Superman-like, back to my t-shirted form.

Your turn: Fun fashion stories from your own life. Please discuss.

One more thing: I'm not sure what this has to do with this week's Thematic Photographic theme. Well, there is a sliver of green just behind me, but it's a stretch, I know. Hope you enjoyed the story, regardless. Head here if you'd like to share some green-ness.

* I spoke with CTV News Channel's Jacqueline Milczarek this afternoon about social media's role in the Iranian protests. The video - shoulders-up - is available here. I was also on air yesterday (!) and wrote about it here.


Thumper said...

I *love* that picture!

Hilary said...

That is a great photo, as is the story behind it. Many of us would be green with envy for your spirit and nerve. There's your theme. ;)

b13 said...

One of my favorites. I love the look.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Here in Hawaii i would think that would always be the look. LOL. My brother and sister in law both work for KING5 in Seattle and everytime I see them both reporting or doing anything they always have pants (or a skirt or dress for Jane) on. Great commentary on the video. I'm so sick of Iran right now...Same with North Korea. Great job :) Aloha

cactus petunia said...

All the news shows are shot full figure here now, but I had a friend who was a newscaster here a few years ago who ALWAYS wore jeans. She sat behind a big desk, with her dog sleeping at her feet.

bobbie said...

Love it!

NJ said...

I love the shot! And the story. It's like my daughter who often wears cute dress or mini skirts with high top runners. One just doesn't match the other but who says it's really wrong.

All This Trouble... said...

: )

Oddly shaped face, my a$$!

kenju said...

Carmi, you DO NOT have an oddly formed anything. You are a handsome man and I love seeing this photo.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I always used to wonder what presenters/newscasters were wearing under the desk... and now I know!

I'm also not keen on having my photo taken... I much prefer to be behind the lens instead of in front of it.

Anonymous said...

You know, that would be the one day that the studio decide to change format and have everyone sitting casually on the couch.
There would be Peter Mansbridge in Armani, Bev Thompson in Laura Ashley, George Strombo in Ben Sherman and Burberry, and Carmi- in short pants.

Ralph Lauren
Snootyville U.S.A.

Somia Ditor said...

Carmi + no pants = great&entertaining Sunday read!

Christine Gram said...

Very nice. My fashion sin was to wear orange rubber flip flops under my wedding dress. I'm a "must have comfortable feet" gal.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome, Carmi!

and dude.

Your face is not oddly formed.


hahamommy said...

that was fun! I'll never look at newscasters the same way again... ;)
I'm a child of the 80's, from South Dakota, too too too many fashion tales!
Once though, when I lived in California, my friend came up to me, laughing wildly at my blindingly white legs. Another friend quickly jumped to my defense, claiming, "she's wearing hose!" I wasn't. My legs really were that white. :D

Mojo said...

I knew it! I always knew it! Okay, not "know" so much as "strongly suspected". I can only imagine the stories your kids are gonna tell around the holiday diner tables of the future when you're in your dotage. One thing is certain, they'll be fun stories that all of you will laugh over. Even the ones that you may pretend you're tired of hearing about.

Here's how crazy this week has been. I missed my first day of TP in weeks yesterday -- not just linking, but I didn't even have a post scheduled! Unthinkable eh?

But I'm back... with a little green friend.

Thematic Photographic 54: "Green" v.4.0

Mojo said...

PS: I'd love to know what kind of hits you get from searches that returned this headline.

Martha said...

I grew up around a lot of media so I saw lots of the causal bottom and formal top. Love the fun photo! I think Carmi has a wonderful face! :-)

PS - I'm dying to know how much traffic you get on your blog with this title, LOL!

MB said...

I think most photographers would rather be behind the lens than in front of it.

I LOVE the picture. I always wondered what went on below the desk. said...

well all I can say is Gorgeous! I saw you on the telly, how strange was that, I didnt expect you to sound or look like that.

David Edward said...

yes, enjoyed the story and the green-ness of it all... as you might know it takes less water and soap to wash shorts than long pants.. or it saved you some GREEN at the dry cleaners

I wrote something for my dad ( long passed but never gone) come read

Anonymous said...

My dh wore shorts once for a family portrait. It was a hot day and he didn't want to put on the full suit. The photographer had to place the rest of us carefully around him. The memory makes me smile.

Here's my green:

And I see nothing wrong with your face!

Katney said...

One Halloween I had been working at the Employment Office for a short time, and was told that everyone in the office dressed up on Halloween. My hubby was out of town, my daughter needed the car so dropped me off at work and went to school. My costume was cowboy shirt and kerchief and a cowboy hat that gave me the worst hat hair ever.

We had an early morning meeting. About half the employees were dressed up. Then when we went out on the floor I realized that the half that were in normal clothes all worked out in the public area, most of those in costume worked in the back, and those who didn't removed the costumes after the meeting and set off to work in street clothes.

I, OTOH, was stuck in the front office explaining that stupid hat all day to people who had recently been laid off.

Morahmommy said...

I can attest to the fact that you definitely do not have an oddly shaped face. You are a gorgeous man!!

From one who knows!!

Glennis said...

Hilarious! We just had university commencement here last week - the deans and profs often wear shorts under their academic gowns because its so hot! And so do the students!