Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another view of the non-electric chair

London, ON, October 2010

Remember this shot? I used it to launch last week's Thematic, and at the time I promised I'd share the story behind it. In actuality, it's a simple one:

We were at a local restaurant for dinner and as we waited for our server to bring the kids something or other, I found myself wandering around the edge of the unusually quiet eatery. I tend to do that when things slow down. I'm not restless by nature, but quiet moments seem to give me time to think about my surroundings. And that inevitably leads to impromptu photography if I can avoid ticking off my very understanding wife in the process.

On this night, I had free rein, so I slowly moved around the space while the kids bantered with each other. All was right with the world, and I felt like the proverbial fly on the wall, observing unobtrusively from a distance, enjoying the simple act of being there.

Of course, nothing's ever perfectly simple with me. I almost tripped over this chair, tucked into temporary storage beside a wall and as I collected myself, realized it was just the kind of solid, peaceful scene that would forever remind me of this moment. I shot it in both black and white and color, and from different angles. Because perspective is all about how you choose to position yourself, and how you choose to view the world around you.

You just have to remember to take the time.

Your turn: How do you grab onto moments that matter?

One more thing: Thematic launches in less than two hours with its new theme: candid.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

To experience a moment like the one u describe, I remember what I do have that makes me happy... If all 3 of my kids are happy,if, there are no house repair issues hanging over my head causing undue stress, then all is right w/me... simple pleasures do it for me...

that guy said...

a little note pad and pen...and the camera phone...

sometimes with my memory but that is quite skewed..

Anonymous said...

Your wife has the patience of a saint. My husband is not anywhere near as patient with me, although he was kind enough to wait for me on our last hike.
I love the warmth of the wood in this picture.

21 Wits said...

You are so right about taking time to capture a moment or a feeling. Pictures do that for us, either from the camera or ones we sketch, especially the ones we do at a special time, every time you see it you are taken right back to the time. Same as jotting down notes or writing a poem. I snap unusual things that are special only to me, but necessary for my soul. Words have that same effect, like songs. It's all about making connection with things and then you are able to return. Your TP really extends and broadens a whole new world for us all to explore and I thank you for that!