Friday, February 03, 2012

Marlboro Man

Delray Beach, FL, December 2011

What does this picture have to do with this week's "screens" theme (more here)? Simultaneously nothing and everything. There isn't a screen in sight here. No laptop, smartphone or tablet. I'm guessing this gentleman is about as likely to tweet his whereabouts as I am to sit down next to him and light up a cigarette.

But as I stared at him from afar, all I could think of was how he needed to be screened for cancer. Yes, I'm just that weird, worrying about other people's health. The scene, in the sickly greenish light of an outdoor strip mall overhang, seemed just a little sad on the surface. For all I know, this guy was enjoying a blessedly quiet few minutes away from his shrew of a wife/girlfriend/mistress.

But none of that mattered as I preset the camera on look-into-your-neighbor-in-the-next-county zoom and got myself into that Zen state that allows low-light, longish exposure shots in low light. I had to shoot fast and still to avoid being picked off. Perhaps he could outrun me. Either way, I didn't want to find out the hard way.

Your turn: What's his story? Why would a scene like this attract your eye?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

THIS does not attract me.. My parents both smoked when I was a kid. They no longer smoke because my father developed heart issues... Smoking is another addiction... Like most addictions - it is self serving... I have no sympathy for those that get ill due to smoking.. They can't blame it on anyone or anything... After all, if its so hard to quit, why is it that my parents, my husband, his Dad, and others I know can quit? Guess they care about their health more than others?
There is a city in Cali., that has banned smoking in their bedroom community. Where I live smoking is banned in bars, restaurants and some open venues...Smoking is something my kids did not have around them and when they encountered smokers they would cough which made the smoker take note.
My SIL smoked around her baby as well as nursed her.. Again, not the smartest tool out there.
The last I saw, a pack of cigs is around $5.. that alone should make people quit... As u can see I have no love/sympathy for smokers. Their right impinges on others...As far as the dude in the photo- I guess he is just thinking about the pleasure that cancer stick is doing to him and not caring if his second hand smoke is bothering anyone... Smoke travels and I am sure someone 30 feet away can smell it.

21 Wits said...

This is so eyes immediately were drawn to that (could it be a screen?) in the far left corner of your great Marlboro Man moment! Of course screens were on my mind.... my thoughts on the man, Is he treating the inside of his body as well as he wears is very-bright Tide-white socks?! ha ha

darlin said...

Hi there Carmi, it's been a while since I've come over to visit and what a great day to do just this.

The photo definitely grabs my attention, it's not the cigarette, it's what went through my mind when I first glanced at this man. I want to know what he's reading, what the headlines are. Could be the day the headlines here in Australia read: "Focarelli wounded, son shot dead in ambush"?

... just a thought, excellent capture! Cheers.

sage said...

"The Marlboro Man off the set" Didn't the original Marlboro man, a dime store cowboy if I ever saw one, die of cancer?