Thursday, February 23, 2012

Standing at the edge

Feet first
Deerfield Beach, FL, December 2011
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First, disclosure: I own a BlackBerry PlayBook. Bought it just before the Christmas holidays, and I love the thing. I love my wife's iPad, too (shh, don't tell her) but my PB has a certain underdog's charm to it that I just can't ignore (oh, and I wrote this for the Toronto Star. Coolness.) It also has a couple of cameras, and has stepped in rather nicely as a second lens for those times when I just don't want to shlep my DSLR along.

Which is why I mention it in the first place, as I've begun processing the first sets of pictures and I'm rather digging how well this thing works as a camera (see here and here for previous examples of tablet photography) and suspect there's more goodness in store.

This time out, I was getting used to composition with the (relatively) ginormous screen. Whenever I could, I'd walk around with the tablet in my hands and experiment by pointing it anywhere and everywhere. Since my feet were conveniently just below my line of sight, it didn't take long for me to point the thing straight down.

I think the blue-haired lady in the lounge chair under the canopy is still shaking her head at the spectacle.

Your turn: Can feet be happy?

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mmp said...

as feet CAN be sad....they therefore must have the possibility of being happy....