Sunday, February 19, 2012

Talking head on a small screen

Lots of fun happening my crazy world of television this week. And given the chaos of life here in Levyland the past couple of days, I wanted to slow things down a bit and offer up a chance to grab a mug of tea and hang out in front of the telly. Or the computer screen that passes for a telly these days.

Here's a quick summary of some of my more notable TV hits over the past week:
  • CTV Canada AM. Spoke with Beverly Thomson about Apple's present and future. Yes, it has one. No, it doesn't involve Doug Henning, illusions, or rainbows. (video here)
  • CTV Power Play. I joined host Don Martin and social media expert Shawna Newberry in a chat about the dust-up that saw Vic Toews, Canada's Public Security Minister, have nasty details on his divorce tossed anonymously all over Twitter. The upshot: All this has big implications for the future of politics. (Video here)
  • CTV National News. Richard Madan's piece on Bill C-30 - the anti-child porn/law enforcement online access legislation that touched off the Vikileaks kerfuffle - includes a clip. (Video here).
  • CTV Southwestern Ontario (Kitchener/Waterloo). I spoke briefly with reporter Nadia Matos for her piece on RIM's next PlayBook move. (Video here).
On reflection, it was a heck of a fun few days. Here's to more...

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Unknown said...

Enjoy it Carmi! Sounds great!!!