Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Media storm - PlayBook, Google's cookies & Anonymous

There are days when tech news seems to jump into the mainstream, when wherever you look there's another headline on a groundbreaking new product, an offensive piece of geek-infused legislation, a company that's taken a notable turn for the better - or worse. I've just had a couple of days like that, and it's led to some neat coverage and publishing:
  • Today's Toronto Star has a piece I wrote on the long-awaited software update for Research In Motion's tablet computer. PlayBook 2.0 upgrade gives RIM back its swagger. I chatted with some radio and television folks about it, too, including Global National's Sean O’Shea, CBC The National's Melanie Nagy, and the BBC's British World Service (!)
  • I spoke with Canada AM's Marci Ien about Google's major privacy faux-pas - the company bypassed the security settings in Apple's Safari browser and collected users' private information despite the fact that they had set their software to block such activity. Worse, Google did the same thing to Internet Explorer users. Video here, and a writeup on CTV's website - by John Size - is here. It includes a bunch of security tips, too.
  • I was included in a CTV National News report by Parliamentary Affairs Correspondent Richard Madan. The shadowy hacker group Anonymous threatened Public Security Minister Vic Toews in the wake of controversial legislation introduced last week that, if passed, would give law enforcement broad powers to track our online activities. Video is here.
Damn, this is fun.

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