Thursday, March 08, 2012

In today's Toronto Star - the big iPad miss

If you live in Toronto, today's Toronto Star includes a piece I wrote in response to yesterday's big reveal of the new iPad. The article is here:
iPad: A Jobsian upgrade, not Apple’s crucial big bang
I wrote it because I'm a bit of a contrarian. And a cynic. Beyond the name - "New iPad"? Seriously? - I see niggling signs that the Apple party bus won't always be as magical as it currently seems to be.

As much as I recognize what Apple brings to the party, I'm not too drunk on the Kool Aid that I fully buy into the Apple-forever argument. Because nothing is forever in business, and there's just enough going on in Cupertino to suggest that Apple's reign at the top has a shelf life, and the clock is ticking.

Your turn: Apple yay or Apple nay? Why?

One more thing: I've been busy not sleeping because writing and talking about this stuff is kinda what I do. I'll add additional Apple-related links to this entry as they go live online.

This just in: Yahoo! Canada has published the following piece:


Anonymous said...

I don't care enough to spend the money for a full-size tablet, but I love my iPod Touch. It's basically an iPad's little brother, and no company is selling anything that does anywhere near everything the iPod Touch does at anywhere near the price point, without requiring a data plan. I absolutely love the iPod Touch, the one device that still is unique to Apple because I can buy it once and then use it all I want for no extra charges.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

O.T., but a common tater at my place left a youtube to go with your theme for the week, Carmi.