Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where BlackBerrys fall from the sky

Don't have a lot of time to blog, as the news universe seems to have found a new gear, and it's insisting on pulling me along for the ride.

The bad news: Research In Motion had a very bad day. This was expected, of course, with analyst after analyst over the last few weeks weighing in with ever darker predictions of doom for the Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker. The quarterly results, reported after the markets closed today, were even worse. Then news broke that ex-CEO Jim Balsillie was quitting the board, and new CEO Thorsten Heins had begun to clean house, starting with the COO, the CTO and a whole whack of EVPs and SVPs. However you slide it, it's a dark day in Canadian tech.

Predictably, my smartphone - a BlackBerry, natch - exploded with all sorts of activity as I left the office today. Before I knew it, I was doing live radio in stop-and-go traffic, setting up Skype for a live hit with CTV News Channel, then zooming off to the studio to chat with CTV National News.

It's great, intense, soul-stirring fun.

I've got a long night of writing ahead of me, then a 6:30 date with Canada AM, so I'll hit send - again on the BlackBerry - and get down to work. Wish me luck...I think it's going to be an interesting ride.

Update: Here's a summary of how this all ended up playing out.

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