Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just another brick in the wall

Window on a lost world
London, ON
February 2012
About this photo: Thematic. Past its prime. Here.
It''s been a while since I slung my camera over my shoulder and headed to the sometimes-crumbly centre of town. Our burg's downtown has taken its fair share of knocks in recent years, and despite over a decade's worth of investment and debate, it still has enough rough spots to merit continued attention.

Part of me wonders if it'll ever move beyond being a work in progress, if this city has the will to stop talking and start doing, if urban life in this place has moved irrevocably beyond the point where the downtown can ever recover from suburban flight. I'm still not sure we get it here, and looking at the quality () of leadership here, I'm not sure we ever will.

Be that as it may, I had a couple of hours to kill while our daughter attended a program downtown. So off I went. The light was meh and the weather was just cold and windy enough to make me wonder if I was slightly deluded that I'd bring anything memorable home.

But that's the thing with photography - and life, I guess: You can't always wait for perfection. You have to go with what you've got right now. Because you just don't know when you'll next get the chance.

Your turn: Who's behind the window. What's his/her/their story?

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Alexia said...

I don't know who's behind the window. But I know that is a stunning photograph.