Monday, June 18, 2012

Attention K-Mart shoppers: Blue light special, aisle 4

Fogged in
Shanghai, China
May 2012

I thought we'd end this week's "got the blues" theme (head here if you'd like to squeeze in one last entry) with something lighter. The scene was a common one: a crowd of conference attendees, all headed toward the floor where all the new stuff was on display. But first, they had to make their way over the stage and past the podium where the models were having their pictures taken.

Needless to say, everyone stopped to gawk at the models - a geek thing, perhaps? - and the shiny new laptops and other devices behind them were left to languish under the spotlights for a little while longer.

For some reason, I didn't bother shooting the models. It seemed more than a little crass to do so. I had flown halfway around the world to learn about new devices and, more importantly, the world's largest PC maker's very future. Filling my memory card with pics of booth babes just didn't feel right. So I didn't.

But that didn't stop me from grabbing this quick shot of the floodlight-through-fog-machine as we initially made our way into the knotted crowd. Everyone was looking ahead. I looked to the side. Not the first time I've avoided following the herd, and I'm willing to bet not the last time, either.

Your turn: What do you see when you follow your own path?

One more thing: Our new Thematic launches tonight at exactly 7:00 Eastern. It's a special one - #200...yay! - so I'm hoping you'll pop in and share a pic or two. I thought we'd do "abstract" to mark this milestone. Are you in?


me said...

I see my enemies crushed and driven before me and I hear the lamentation of their women.

Huzzah to the beat of my drummer!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm in! This is a special milestone- and I think 'abstract' is a perfect way to mark it.

Lisa Shafer said...

Very nice shot. I like everything about this one.