Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trending on Yahoo...

I noticed this little snippet on Yahoo! Canada's website just now: The top two trending pieces, Should I buy now or wait for Windows 8? and Facebook's phone folly are mine.*

So I gather Canadians want to read about next-gen operating systems and overhyped, misbehaving, underperforming social media companies than, in order, Canada's response to the deepening Eurozone crisis, Iran's continued pariah-state-hood and Spain's spiralling fiscal disaster. Works for me.

The Iran thing fascinates me. I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to stick it to Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because he's the least likely person I will ever invite to my family Chanukah party. So there you have it: tech over despots and fiscal wipeouts. Happiness and hope continue to prevail. All is (mostly) right with the world.

So, Mahmoud, if you're reading this, here's your takeaway: Outside your autocratic, Holocaust-denying, sabre-rattling, nuclear-threatening, life-sucking world, there's a whole planet where folks can write - and do, and think, and speak - whatever they wish. I'm guessing you don't Yahoo much. Or Google. Must suck to be you. I think I need to keep on writing, as this is way too much fun.

* I write for Yahoo! Canada's Insight blog. Here's the link.

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Max Sartin said...

Back in 1980 they polled people on the most important issues at the time. "Who shot JR"* came out as more important than who was going to win the current U.S. presidential election (Carter or Reagan).
*JR Ewing, the main antagonist in the T.V. nighttime soap opera series "Dallas" was shot on the last episode of the 1980 season.