Sunday, June 03, 2012

Life in the big city

Somewhere down there...
Toronto, ON
March 2011

To steal an old cliche, there are a million stories in the big city. Today, somewhere down there, there's one story, one question, that needs an answer: Who?

Who walked into a mall yesterday, pulled out a gun and opened fire? Police say it was a targeted shooting, but who would do so amid a packed food court? Seven others, including a 13-year-old boy now fighting for his life, were caught in the crossfire. Who is this person (or persons...the police have yet to release descriptions of a suspect or suspects) and where is he (or, admittedly, she) hiding? Somewhere down there, I guess.

I suppose there's another question: Why? Sure, someone may have had a grudge. But this?

The Eaton Centre shooting - add that one to our vernacular - took place mere steps from the Boxing Day shooting in 2005. Jane Creba, 15, got caught in between rival gang members taking shots at each other on a crowded Yonge Street.

It never ends, and it makes you wonder when and where the next one will occur. Because, cynically, we all know this is our new normal.

Your turn: Thoughts?


CorvusCorax12 said...

i check the news contiguously with the hope they caught him/her and also this Luka monster

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

And here I thought Canadians didn't take guns to the mall (sorry, Weird Al Yankovic reference)...

In all seriousness, Seattle has been dealing with a horrid amount of this sort of thing lately. Any amount of it is horrid, of course. I'm having trouble coming up with appropriate words today.

Some of the trouble is caused by gangs. But some of the trouble is caused by people who are mentally unstable and have access to guns... anger issues flare and find outlet with a firearm and death.

The best I can do is focus on the stories of the good people who exhibit compassionate behavior and love in the midst of such hate.
Here is one such example:

Just Two Chicks said...

It's scary to think that indulgence in the simple pleasures, such as movie going, or shopping, could possibly be the biggest mistake you'll make.

Think about it...
Movie theaters, malls, hospitals, jogging trails, kid's playgrounds, gas stations, schools, places of business, or own homes... we aren't safe anywhere, and our biggest enemies are often those closest to us.

What drives someone to do something so final... what makes them think they have the right to take the life force from a fellow human being?

How do we fix this?