Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lights out in the midwest

Sunset from United 843
Somewhere over Lake Michigan
May 2012
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Before I go anywhere, I ask my family and friends what I should bring back on my memory card. I want to know what they want to see, and I try to grab some pictures that fit their themes. It's a neat way to step outside my usual box, to look for things I might not otherwise see, and to make my experiences a little more real for those around me.

Before this last trip, Kalei's Best Friend (she blogs here. You must read her) suggested a sunrise or a sunset, which based on my previous experiences in the smog-choked far east, might have been a challenge. As it turned out, it was: we were socked in with grey skies for much of the trip, and the hotel we were in didn't offer much potential for early-morning sunrise-hunting (last time, however, was a different story.)

But the photographic gods have an interesting way of working, as I happened to be perfectly situated - left-side, right at the back of the plane - as our flight covered the last few hundred kilometres home. The skies almost seemed to beg for a shot, so I was only too happy to oblige. I thought of my faraway friend as I squeezed the shutter, glad that she had suggested the scene.

Your turn: What do you like to bring back from a trip? (I'm guessing it could be anything...have fun with it.)


David Edward said...

tropical diseases? J/K

Max Sartin said...

That is one beautiful sunset! Glad you caught it.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

@David Edward: When I use to go to Hawaii, there is a humid side to those islands which I can't take...Humidity breeds mosquitoes and the Hawaiian ones are gnat like...I am allergic to their bite and break out in welts thus a trip to urgent care for drugs...Maybe those bites were an omen- the relationship their fizzled like those bites did after I took those awesome drugs! :-)..BTW, Carmi, that sunset is almost like a California one I got years ago... Did u ever get one from Japan??? Haven't been around much- had another loss as well as SIL drama.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Very nice sunset, Carmi.

I drove out to West Virginia from Ohio yesterday, and went out to dinner with my dad.

The sun was setting outside, and the waitstaff were delayed, so I ran outside a couple of times for pictures.

It was a nice evening as the sun set behind the mountains. But you need more clouds to really get the fire, as you have done.

carmilevy said...

David: Thankfully not :) Just a mild case of jet lag.

Max: Thank you! Your work outdoors, in particular, has inspired me. You have a way of capturing dramatic light - or making the everyday seem dramatically lit - that totally rubs off on me every time I pick up my camera.

KBF: Thinking of you and hoping life turns for the brighter soon. Will have to look through my pics to see what I caught as we overflew Japan.

ifthethunderdontgetya: You drove out to see your dad...clouds or no clouds, that touches me. How cool that you took the time to make the moment.

Anonymous said...

Love the thick blanket of clouds and the deep, rich bank of colors framed in by the setting sun.

Hmmm... bringing back from a trip? Like you, memory cards full of photos and the experiences they represent.

Also, rocks. Not even pretty ones... just small rocks from mountains I climb, trails I hike, places that took some of my skin, sweat and soul and gave me so much more.

darlin said...

Carmi this is an amazing sunset, great shot!

After just returning from a 4 1/2 month excursion to Australia I brought back some original Aboriginal artwork, a pair of Emu boots, a uni hoodie, and a few t-shits... after all what's a trip to Australia without a Billa Bong Australia T? :-) Right and there's the boomerangs, and Australian hat... I'll stop right there, I'll just say that I brought back a lot of materialistic things, but it's the memories I'll cherish forever!


mmp said...

....i always bring back a stone, sometimes small enough to snuggle into the corner of a pocket.....