Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bus bullies and Microsoft Surface

Last Friday was a good day for TV, as I managed to cram in three interviews into one studio session. The big story of the day was a video of Rochester, NY bus monitor Karen Klein. After the so-called "bus bully" video of students taunting her ruthlessly  went viral on YouTube, a Toronto man, Max Sidorov, started an online fundraising campaign to raise $5,000 to send her on a vacation.

By airtime, the figure was pushing $500,000 and coverage had gone global. I chatted about how online fundraising works with CTV Toronto's Ken Shaw. Video here. (Original report is here.)

I also spoke with CTV News Channel's Jennifer Ward right after I got off-air with Mr. Shaw. Then, because things are always more fun in threes, I chatted with CTV National News reporter John Vennavlly-Rao for his package on the Microsoft Surface tablet. Video here.

Fun stuff.

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