Sunday, October 07, 2012

After the shine is gone

Dirty money
London, ON
September 2012

Shininess can be a temporary thing, as the perfectly reflective surface of something new slowly - or not so slowly - gives way to the scratched, dulled and otherwise marred surface of something that's gone a few laps. If you look carefully, you might be able to see flashes of its former brilliance. But otherwise, it's usually a one-way trip to forgetaboutmeville, where no one bothers looking or caring anymore.

There are enough analogies here to fill a Dumpster (itself a perfect example of unshininess, but we'll leave that one for another day.)

While I realize the $10.56 Cdn. on display here may no longer be the object of a currency collector's desire, it has just as much ability to fill my kids' piggy banks as the shinier, perfectly turned out stuff. Which reminds me to never underestimate the hidden power of things that may have faded, things we might otherwise dismiss.

Or people. Hmm...

Your turn: Scratches and grime can tell a story. What would the story of these coins be?

One more thing: We're still taking Thematic shiny submissions. It won't hurt a bit. Just go here.


Kavi said...

I wrote about our coins here ! And i already realise that some of the coins are out of circulation !

Bernie said...

I love looking at forign coins, and these are some that I am yet to collect... I have a little dish, ok, maybe not so little, that holds all of my unused coins from overseas. When it is full, I will be taking it to somewhere and donate the coins to a charity...

Thanks for the share!

Heres my contributions, I was going to do more over the weekend, but gardening and Australia's BIGGEST car-race took my attention... AussiePomm - Shiny Skydeck and AussiePomm - TT Shiny

Have a great day!!

awareness said...

Yesterday a friend described Justin Trudeau as a "shiny pony." It made me laugh. I think its a good descriptive.... this young shiny new pony raring to go!

As for you coins........ loose change to be tossed into a mason jar of dreams......

I'm back!!! I hope!!!