Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get your head out of the clouds

Dream big
Somewhere over Lake Michigan
May 2012
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I was almost tempted to ask the pilot to stop climbing as soon as we broke through the cloud deck here, as it seemed almost dream-like to skim just above the marshmallow-like surface. In the few seconds I had before the rapidly climbing plane left this remarkable scene far below, I imagined what it might be like to reach out the window and feel it with my hand.

Of course we'll never be able to do that on any commercial flight thanks to the convergent rules of physics and the FAA. But who says practicality needs to dictate our every last thought? After all, we can't actually touch the stars, either (see physics, NASA and space-time continuum limitations), but that doesn't mean we should stop reaching for them.

Your turn: What are you reaching for?


Unknown said...

My mother came to mind with this post, Carmi, as she insists in a window seat in a jet plane to observe the clouds with wonder!

mmp said...

Another person who wonders what it would be like to touch the clouds....

i'm reaching for something that is currently cluttered with interviews, paperwork, phone calls, meetings and now impending deadlines. Truly at times it is like walking through treacle