Sunday, October 21, 2012

Floating city

Late afternoon by the water
Toronto, ON
October 2012
Thematic. Drink up. Still on. Here.

Each boat here has a story. Then again, we can say the same about each pedestrian in the shot, as well. It's just a simple shot of a simple corner of the Toronto waterfront on a late afternoon, almost perfect angles, curves, painted light, reflections and shadows. Or maybe it's not so simple.

Either way, it felt good put an otherwise busy day on pause for a few minutes and watch this bucolic little slice of the planet unfold just below my window. I've got to start remembering to take moments like these, because they seem to disappear all too quickly.

Your turn: How do you hit pause in the middle of an otherwise busy day?

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@BhuDeo said...

Good idea...take time to smell the roses!