Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stripped and exposed

Waiting for the season to end
Laval, QC
October 2012
Thematic. Fall colors. Here.

For all the what-once-was sadness of a now-dried-out blade of wheat grass, there's something somewhat, I don't know, comforting about finding it against a deep green backdrop.

I believe in context, in days where dark, threatening skies, or deep snowdrifts from massive blizzards seem to wrap themselves around us, as if to remind us that nature rules the roost, and that we all have a place to seek shelter no matter how cold the winds may blow.

I like knowing that the dark stand of trees behind this otherwise exposed blade of shrivelled grass will continue to protect it from the wind, the rain, and whatever else the changing seasons choose to throw at it.

I know it's just weather, but there's a story here, a narrative of the earth that I wish more of us listened to. We're often so focused on basics of day-to-day life that we forget to stare at the grass and wonder what's protecting it from the storms not yet seen. On this day, at least, I had my answer.

Your turn: Does approaching bad weather bring comfort to you? Why/why not?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It's not great for golf, Carmi.

But it does get rid of the gnats and mosquitoes.


P.S. Also, it means the woodpeckers will be back in force at the feeder.

Bernie said...

Weather is really hurting my head in this last week... This very time, one week ago, we were basking in 35c day, and this was before midday! Yet, fast forward to today, Friday morning, and we have SNOW falling just 90 minutes away from Sydney... You can see some of the pics in my blog this morning... AussiePomm - Spring Snow...!!!! Whats important to note, is that we don't normally get snow this far north in Australia, let alone, this close to Sydney during winter, let alone in Spring!