Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Say goodbye to the day

Stratospheric sunset
Somewhere over the Pacific
May 2012
Thematic. Travel Travel. Here.

I'm no fan of the airplane window. Its primary job isn't to provide optically perfect visibility for aspiring airborne photographers. Instead, it's built to be strong enough to not blow out and ruin everyone's day. I'm fine with that compromise, and am willing to put up with scratched, nose-printed-from-last-decade plastic if it means I'm not forced to deal with the rather fatal effects of explosive decompression.

So as we sliced through the atmosphere somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, I managed to set aside any thoughts of accidental death and instead thought about the privilege of being able to fly to the other side of the planet, to sit miles above nothingness and watch magic unfold far below and far away. I thought about moving so fast and so far that sunsets and sunrises no longer aligned with my own internal clock. I thought about how the sky looked so different from up here, almost mythically painted, than it ever did from the ground.

And I thought about my family who awaited my return, the stories I'd tell them, and the scenes I'd share with them just after stepping in the door. Because you can travel the world and see magic and wonders, but the real highlight of any journey is reconnecting with those who taught you to see that magic and wonder in the first place.

Your turn: How do you share your travels with others?


Alexia said...

Beautifully written, Carmi. "to sit miles above nothingness and watch magic unfold far below and far away": yes!

I love flying, although it really would be nice to be able to sit in the expensive bits of the plane, rather than what a blogosphere friend of mine calls "wombat-droppings class".
The journey is the thing, and sometimes it is more meaningful than the destination.

Kia ora.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


I've never taken a photo out the airplane window that I can remember.

Too much "stowage of all electric devices".

I'll have to fight the powers if I ever get around to flying again...

Snaggle Tooth said...

A beautiful n unique sunset pic! The Earth seems so flat at that place n angle-

I have to work with a slightly older woman who lives by the sea but is afraid to swim, n won't get on a plane because, "If God had meant us to fly we'd have wings," n "If we were meant to swim we'd have fins-" She'd prob faint to see such a sight in person.

It's good you are so brave n bold, n still realize the value of the folks at home who keep your heart grounded.

mmp said...

i love hearing about the lives of those around me....nothing better than sitting there and listening to families and swathes of living unfold!

Janet said...

I haven't traveled much lately...but when I do, I take lots of pictures and share them with Dave when I get home, telling the stories behind them.