Monday, April 22, 2013

Farmers feed cities - and us

What will be
Komoka, ON
November 2012
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Part of my commute takes me through southwestern Ontario farm country. For about 60 km outside London, between here and Woodstock, I detour off the superhighway and instead roll through the two-lane roads that bisect some of the loveliest farmland on the planet.

While the three lanes of the 401 will get me there about 5 minutes sooner, they so completely disconnect me from the experience that I arrive at my destination having no connection to the places I've just passed. The slower route, on the other hand, is filled with snippets of life that remind me how important the journey needs to be.

Along the way, I come across a lot of pickups owned by farmers. And many of them have bumper stickers on them reminding us to thank farmers for feeding us. I couldn't agree more. The average city-dweller gets everything from the grocery store, yet hardly ever gives a second thought to how it got there, and who ensured it got there.

Staring out at this fallow field, I could see the potential, feel the worth of the crop that would soon be planted here, appreciate the efforts of unseen farmers whose life's work revolved around feeding countless others they'd likely never meet. On this bright, Sunday morning, I hung around a little bit longer in the hope that I'd get to meet - and thank - whoever was responsible for this particular field. Maybe next time.

Your turn: ever wonder where your food comes from?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Your photo could be interpreted in so many ways: an ad for farmers in need of government help. an ad that there wasn't much rain so farmers, retailers and people will lack... or, its time to go thru the cycle of replanting....
As far as food, I try to buy from the local farmers market.. tho their prices are higher than store bought, quantity and quality are a cut above...Also good friendships are made...

Janice said...

Great reflections Carmi. I think the disconnect with food and where it comes from is bigger now than ever. Growing up on a farm, I understand the hard work, worry, planning and sense of accomplishment that comes with farming. Just let me know if you want to meet a real life farmer...I could arrange something ;) I'm feeling inspired to pull out my yellow Farmers Feed Cities tshirt!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

An intersting post. I love to see the countryside while I'm driving (it helps that I live in beautiful, hilly countryside :)

Obviously, been brought up in a village surrounded by farms and countryside, I've always been aware of where our food comes from... Although a fair bit of it comes from outside of the UK, I do like to enjoy local food :)