Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Power comes from many sources

Wired Sunset
London, ON
 January 2009

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We're always taught to remove distractions from our photos. It's a reasonable piece of advice, because it forces us to focus on the things that really matter, that contribute to telling a simple, meaningful, memorable visual story. It's a good lesson for life, too, I suppose.

Sometimes, though, I have to wonder if so-called rules like this weren't made to be broken. For example: this shot is dominated by a bunch of electrical infrastructure. I tried to reposition myself, but simply couldn't keep them out of frame.

Indeed, I've seen people deliberately not take pictures like this because there were overhead wires in it.

"It'll ruin the shot," they'd say.

I'm not so sure it would. Because if we all followed the same rules of photography, no one's work would ever stand out.

Your turn: What rules of photography do you like to ignore? Why?

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

A photographer friend told me that telephone wires was one thing she would photoshop out... I guess if i want perfection then fine... Usually if someone tells me not to do something, I will go the opposite way.. Maybe because I feel that either they get satisfaction out of having that control of telling someone what to do or I feel, that I should do what I want especially if its a photo.. A photo tells not only the subject but can show what the photographer is trying to it emotion or a statement.