Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who's still wearing Crocs?

Gimme some sole
London, ON
May 2009
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Crocs were all the rage a few years back, with kids and adults alike buying these plastic-fantastic shoes with frightening frequency.

Somehow it seemed fine when a munchkin wore them as a sort-of replacement for sandals or sneakers. On the playground, these colorful togs seemed to fit right in. I didn't feel the same way when adults started wearing them to work. I appreciate the workplace shift toward more casual dress, but this was more than a little silly.

I remember the bloom falling off the rose when the company that made them announced it was planning to close its Quebec factory and move production to a more flexible facility in Mexico. Lovely if you're a shareholder, I guess, but not so lovely if you were one of the 670 people thrown out of work.

I know that this is how globalized markets work. But that doesn't mean I think any of it is right from a longer-term, society-building, giving-back perspective. The economy doesn't seem to work that way anymore. Pity that.

Your turn: Do you look for goods that have been produced locally?


me said...

I am disappointed, I didn't know that about the company. I LOVE my Crocs. I think you may need to be….on the larger scale to fully appreciate how good these make your feet feel.

I do try to buy locally, but apparently China has been making my Crocs for a long time…

As for not liking them in the workplace….I know someone at my place of work isn't a fan (I usually just wear them walking to the office) and felt it was his place to make snide comments, so I of course had to purchase multiple styles and colors that I wear, and if I notice him coming will change out of my “work” shoes back to Crocs just to see that plastered smile on his face…who said work can’t be fun!

darlin said...

I hope that nobody is wearing these tacky so called shoes anymore, but that's just me. Ooops I almost forgot I have a knock off pair for gardening out at the farm (blushing to admit that!). And now here's even more reason not to buy them, made in Mexico which forces Canadians out of jobs.

I try to buy local but it's getting difficult to find local manufactures, all the work is getting farmed out to other countries. The one thing I can count on is my Mukluks being made locally... speaking of which I'd best get my order in soon for next years pair.

Have a great weekend Carmi!