Monday, April 08, 2013

When the sky explodes in color and light

Who painted this?
Pompano Beach, FL
December 2011
I couldn't resist sharing one last sunrise/sunset-themed pic before we launch our new theme later this eve (more here).

The morning I took this, I had tiptoed quietly out of our hotel room and stepped onto a deserted beach. The sky was cloudy, and a cold wind was whipping spray right up to the top of the wide, sandy beach. My heart sank as I wondered whether I should simply creep back inside and tuck myself back into bed.

But something made me stay out. Because in my everyday life, I never get to do this. And today wasn't an everyday life day. We were far from home, in a delightfully photo-friendly place. And even if the day hadn't started out as I had originally hoped, I owed it to myself to stick it out and see what ultimately developed.

Because you just never know. And you'd hate to miss out on something because you gave up too soon.

As you can see, Ma Nature made it worth my while to stay out. And as the sun began to warm the cold sand between my chilled toes, I felt like this was the moment I was meant to capture all along. Because the story wouldn't have been nearly as sweet - to me and to my family - had it played out in its original cloud-free vision.

Besides, clear skies are overrated, anyway. Happy skyspotting, folks.

Your turn: Who's out there?

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