Sunday, July 07, 2019

Green boat at rest

Down by the river
Laval, QC
June 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
There's nothing remarkable about this scene. A simple green boat tied up to a decaying dock beside the recently flooded shoreline of a reasonably polluted river system.

I share it here simply because I liked the scene when it first came into view. That's it. A photo doesn't have to be anything more than something that makes the person who took it smile. Between the green gradient, the lines and the lighting, I couldn't look away, and the two minutes I spent drinking it in represented the two easiest minutes within an otherwise challenging string of days.

With my family reeling from my father-in-law's passing, photography became an even bigger crutch for me than it had already been, a place I could drop into when the usual chaos that now surrounded us became too much.

It wasn't just a me thing, though. Whatever I brought back from these occasional random walks became a bit of a distraction for my peeps, an excuse to stare at pretty pictures for a few minutes.

Trivial? Yes. But welcome, necessary even, at a time when you'd hold onto even the smallest things in a bid to feel remotely normal. Even if all it is is a picture that reminds you why you loved photography in the first place.

Sometimes, the simplest things aren't so simple after all. Sometimes, you'll do anything, even stare at stupid green boats, to bring some sense of comfort to those around you.

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