Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Little man enters adulthood

The eyes have it
London, ON
July 2007
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He was born 19 years ago today, the perfect complement to our little family. Like his brother and sister, he had a sweetness about him that instantly endeared him not only to us, but to anyone lucky enough to cross his path.

That sweetness? Still there, only now in the form of a kind, smart, focused, creative, and fun-loving human being who brightens any room he happens to be in. As his dad, I realize I kinda have to like my kid. But even if you remove that from the equation for a moment, I'd still want to hang out with him.

That's because he has an uncanny ability to make moments happen. The room is never quiet when he's around. There's always a spirited conversation, a frenzied round of smartphone research to answer an arcane question, an incredibly detailed plot overview of the latest Marvel movie, an impromptu catch session with the dog.

Speaking of the dog, he relates to her unlike anyone else on the planet. Dogs just know, and they've formed the kind of bond that makes me glad we a) decided to have him, and b) decided to bring her home, too.

I keep thinking we blinked and 19 years flew by, that he instantly morphed from a cute baby to a fully-formed adult. It applies not only here, but in every major milestone our family has marked - or will mark. Time seems to move too quickly. But the fact that it feels as fast as it does isn't a negative. It's a blessing.

We're lucky to have a son like him. That he has siblings like Zach and Dahlia. That he gets to pursue his dreams in school and in life. That we've been able to provide the kind of environment within which he has clearly flourished.

If the price of all that is the feeling that time is moving too quickly, I'll take that.

Happiest of birthdays, Noah. We love you more than words can say, and we can't wait to see what you accomplish next.

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