Friday, March 06, 2020

When clouds look like fish

Staring down, looking forward
Orlando, FL
March 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I tend to get reflective when returning home from far away, and yesterday’s flight was no different.

We’re lucky to have the opportunity to do stuff like this, to fly to interesting places on the planet and spend an intense few days learning from - and being inspired by - some really smart, dedicated people. More than once this week I pinched myself to ensure that it was all real, and to remind myself that not everyone is able to walk through the doors that I do.

So I stared at clouds through the filthy window of an ancient Air Canada Rouge 767 with wonky air conditioning. The plane was packed, the guy beside me watched multiple episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger without headphones and apparently had no arm boundaries, and the person behind me gave me many lower back massages throughout the flight as she searched through the backseat pocket for, I’m guessing, buried treasure. Or lint.

The magic of weeks like the one our team just had lies in how experiences like these ultimately change us all. We learn. We get to know new people. We get to know familiar people even better. We take little pieces of the experience home with us. Hopefully we become better people in the process.

Or, maybe we just get to see clouds shaped like fish float past our window, and hope the future offers up more experiences just like the one we’ve just had.

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