Monday, August 29, 2005

By the runway's edge

I've always hated the silly plastic windows in airplanes. For starters, they're way too small and perpetually smudged by the noses of way too many strangers (I know, ew.) Over time, they get all pitted and scratched, which as I understand, is not terribly conducive to taking sharp pictures through them.

Still, I was pretty pleased with the warmth of the pictures I got while flying out of Toronto last week. Somehow, the lovely yellowish-orange early morning light managed to make it through the optical equivalent of a dollar store see-through toy.

Here's the lineup of planes waiting for clearance to proceed onto the runway for takeoff. When granted, each one would make a left turn, hit the gas and go. That's one of my favorite times during a flight, because since you're sitting in their wake, you can hear and feel the sheer power of the other planes as they initiate their takeoff roll. It's often just enough of a thrum in the base of your spine to viscerally convince you that things are about to get much more involved for you as well.

I really like the warmth of this picture, too. Sometimes, a split-second either way makes the difference between ho hum and an image that jumps out at you a little.

Your turn: What's your favorite part of a flight? My daughter wants to know.


Yaeli said...

Another awesome picture. I just love that "just waking up look" that early morning light gives to a picture. It gives any picture a "whole new begining" kind of overtone.

The best (and the worst) bit about flying is take off... closely followed by landing. I love the thrill of feeling the plane roaring around me and the awesome noise that it makes and the way your ears pop... but, the knowledge that you are most likely to have an accident during take off or landing gives me the wiggins about the whole deal.

I hope your day today is as lovely as your photo. :o)

Star said...

That is a great picture. I like the take-off and the landing. Other than that you might as well be on a bus. On my last trip to Japan the stewardess moved me to a row all to myself! What a treat. I stretched out over all the seats.

Natsthename said...

My favorite part of the flight is getting off the plane! Seriously, I hate flying.

And I agree with the above comments: that photo is great!

Heather said...

I love it when the jet engines kick in. I am not a fan of flying but have had to do so much of it in recent years that I am not so frightened anymore.

You are right. That picture has a lot of warmth.

A Woman Changed said...

I love flying through the clouds and seeing them up close...imagining that this is what it feels like to be a bird.

Jef said...

It reminds me of waking up my first morning in Bangkok and watching the city come alive from my balcony over the river. I saw so many things that were familiar and so many things that were alien to me.

It also reminds me of the morning I left to fly home.

Kathy said...

That really is a great picture. It gave me the same feeling I got one morning, leaving on a Greyhound Bus from downtown Toronto very early in the morning. Nice job.

Pat said...

My favourite part is just taking off and landing because I hold my husband's hand and feel safe no matter what.

kenju said...

I love it when we reach our altitude and we can still see everything down below. I am one of those who keeps her nose pressed to the window all through the flight.

opinionatedguy said...

My favorite part is the pat-down going through security.

Great photo, Carmi.

Raehan said...

love these posts, Carmi. They evoke the conflicting emotions of 1. getting on a post and being thrilled by the fact that you are moving, and 2) knowing that you can never fully enjoy an adventure again without longing to be with your kids.


Tell your daughter I love the bumpy landings.