Sunday, August 28, 2005

Into the morning sky

I'm just back from Montreal, where I spent a few days simply being there when I needed to be there.

Before I left, our daughter, all of 7 with a soul very much older than her age would suggest, asked me what it looked like to fly in a plane. So as I sat by the window of an Air Canada Airbus A-320 at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, I pondered how to tell the story in a way that would be meaningful to her.

With an empty memory card on my camera, I decided the best way to accomplish that would be to simply shoot pictures as they occurred to me, from runway to runway.

It was early morning, and the sun had just peeked up from the horizon. I was feeling decidedly melancholy about being away from my brood and sad about what I was flying toward, and I found myself enjoying the wonderful light that bathed everything around the plane.

This is a Northwest aircraft that was just in front of us in the lineup before the runway. Just seeing this image materialize before me made me feel comfortable at a time when life around me felt anything but warm and fuzzy.

I wondered what my little girl would say when she saw this picture. When I showed it to her just before, she confirmed what I originally thought: "Cool."

That's my kid.

Your turn: What three words are in your head now? Does this scene make you think? About what?

Next up: I'll post random pictures from my airport adventure over the next few days. Sometimes, just staring out the window of a plane is enough to remind us that life needs to be savored more carefully than is often the case.


Heather said...

I am sorry you have been sad. I hope you feel better soon.

chatty said...

I am not a flyer. Two words came to me as I saw your picture. Solitude and anticipation.

It's a great picture and I am looking forward to seeing the others. I always have my camera on me, but I am too busy trying to remember to breathe during takeoff! ;)

Michele sent me.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Great picture.

Here via Michele's once again

MissMeliss said...

You're on my blogroll, but I'm here via Michele today :)

Three words:

Great picture, btw.

PresentStorm said...

It makes me think about how very small we are in such a huge world .How even though we are sad the world around us keeps on going,sometimes right on past us.

moonbatty said...

Came here via Michelle, even though you commented after me and not before. :) Cool blog.

The picture brings to mind exactly what Chatty said--solitude and anticipation. A bit of anxiety, as your stomach prepares for that accelleration down the runway, and the initial feeling of lift-off--being pushed down into your seat while being pulled up off the ground in a way over which you have no control.

Darnit, now I wanna fly somewhere. :)

Tammy said...

A beautiful picture.

My mind is too distracted by all this Katrina coverage to come up with three words....but...


Michele sent me!

Yaeli said...

Hiya! I'm here via Michele's.

That is such an awesome picture! It's hard to put my thoughts on seeing it into 3 words, but when I saw it I thought of beauty, solitude and loss.

Have an awesome day!

Yaeli said...

Back again 'cos I said I would. :o)

K Jones said...

Carmi, I once worked in an airport and I love flying. The photo brought back fond memories for me. Memories of flying by myself to Cancun. It was super peaceful and I think the symmetry of airports is wonderful and serene.

Mike said...

Nice picture. Makes me sad a little as if someone was leaving you.
Michele sent me.

Kevin said...

Three words? Eye of tiger. But then I've been watching Rocky movies all day.

As for the pic, I see someone leaving (obviously not permanently, in your case), signifying an end to something. But then you have the dawn of a new day, which is a fresh start.

Wow, I better stop drinking -- I'm getting too poetic.

MommaK said...

I hate to fly but the fact that you took all of these pictures with your little girl in mind is so heartwarming that I almost forgot about my fear. You are a sweet dad. That's what comes to mind.

Michele sent me:)

panthergirl said...

Beautiful photo...and ditto, the "cool".

Here via michele!

Indigo said...

How beautiful! You take the best pictures Carmi!

Michele sent me!

~Cathy~ said...

That looks so peaceful.... what a beautiful picture!

Morah Mommy said...

I love the picture, but I am sure glad you're back!

Michele sent me!

kenju said...

That scene make me think how the future may bring something we least expect, whether bad or good, and we have very little control over it.

I will look forward to your next photos, Carmi.

Chris Best said...

Hey there - cool pic. just a random visit via my friend yaeli :-)

lisa said...

it reminded me of how hot the Miami airport always is, which made me think of the time that I picked up Glenn at that airport and got goosebumps as he got into my car. Later that day was our first kiss.

betcha weren't expecting to hear that when you asked that question.

Cori said...

I am scared to death of flying. I do it often and I still am not used to it. So my words are scared and uncontrol.

Lucy Stern said...

I'd say, "Wow, look at that sky!"
Three words: Beautiful, awesome, heaven sent.

Jef said...

It reminds me of that song about leaving on a jet plane and it reminds me of waking up in Bangkok and watching the city come to life from my balcony. It was familiar, yet alien to me.