Monday, August 08, 2005

Car wash

The kids helped us wash the van for the first time last week. I use the term "wash" with great care, since it ended up taking twice as long to finish, and I'm still finding spots that were either missed outright, or had dirt "reintroduced" after the fact.

Regardless, the kids had a great time pampering their huge new toy, and we're already looking forward to the next party in the driveway.

I took this after we were done - I was afraid to take the camera out earlier in case a rogue munchkin with a hose decided to turn his attention toward me - and only realized after the fact that it ended up being a sort-of self portrait.

Your turn: What other household chores do your kids like to "help" you with? Are they really helpful? How hard do you end up laughing as a result?


Anonymous said...

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Jef said...

Cool image!

I have no children and the three-legged cat is unable to do much but eat, spread fur and just miss her litter box.

Since I do all the cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, etc., I guess that makes me an all-in-one unit, huh?

sxKitten said...

Mine like to 'water' the garden. After an hour with the hose, most of the plants are still untouched but the fence, windows and neighbour's car have all been thoroughly drenched.

Leanne said...

Carmi is that first comment spam? Is there now blogmment spam? Is there no escaping it?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

that certainly does bring back memories. my youngest daughter likes to help me with cookies, decorating with sprinkles, because to her, you keep decorating until all of the sprinkles are on the cookies. my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Crazy Single Mom said...

Princess helps me fold laundry, by taking the laundry out of the basket in one heap and kind of putting it into a smaller heap. I let it stay that way, after all she "helped". My iron is my very best friend lol!!