Sunday, August 14, 2005

A child's insight

My wife was heading over to my parents' house last week to help them pack in advance of their impending move. I stayed back that morning to ensure the little people didn't reduce the inside of my in-laws' house to the functional equivalent of Saddam Hussein's famous scorched earth scenario.

Noah, now an all-grown-up 5 years-old, asked her as she stepped out the door:
"They're Daddy's parents, so why do you have to help them?"
On a frighteningly regular basis, the thought processes of our insightful little man absolutely amaze me.


Crazy Single Mom said...

The things kids say!! The other day Princess informed me, after I told her she had pretty eyes, that her eyes were for seeing and blinking too lol!

Rhodent said...

You never know what kids will say... that's why they are so wonderful... sometimes they can see the truths that we often miss!

dena said...

That's pretty insightful coming from a five year old. Amazing.

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