Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Quoted - feelin' wormy

By now, the world knows that vaunted news organization CNN and the leadership of the free world, among others, were taken down by the Zotob worm. It caused computers running Windows 2000 to constantly reboot themselves, thus giving employees a day off and prompting CNN anchors to make fools of themselves on-air. It was quite a thing to watch.

In the overall scheme of things, it wasn't much of a hack attack, but it was high-profile enough for Info-Tech's client base that we sent out a press release on it: Zotob exploits lax PC security policies, says Info-Tech Research Group. It's also posted here on PR Newswire.

Pickups thus far have been really cool, and I've done interviews with the following media organizations:

New York Daily News - Many who kept Windows open let in new worm.
Houston Chronicle - Wake-up call comes in form of worm. Also ran in business section.
Red Herring - Zotob worm attacks Visa (Take a peek at the giant, boldface pants-down pull quote!) and Zotob Morphs into 11 Variants.
Vancouver Sun - War of the worms is a preventable battle.
IT World Canada - Windows worm wiggles through Canadian firms.
Ottawa Citizen - Lax security let worm hit networks, experts say.

Places that have run the press release include:
Yahoo! Finance.

Other notable pickups/rewrites:

La Nacion (Chile). Apparently, I speak Spanish:
"Si todo el mundo instalara los últimos servicios de protección en sus sistemas informáticos, este virus no estaría ocupando los titulares de la prensa" declaró Carmi Levy, analista de la consultora Info-Tech Research Group.'s Microsoft Blog. Zotob worm update.

I'll post more later, and associated links, as they come in.

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