Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quoted - Canadian Business Magazine

The editorial fun continues: I was interviewed by Andrew Wahl for his piece, Trouble on the Line, in last month's CBM.

For the record, I am not saying Voice over IP (otherwise known as Internet telephony) is bad. I'm simply recommending that businesses get into it with their eyes open. I'm still cleaning the egg of my face from the last time I dared suggest that VoIP wasn't the ultimate technological solution to all the world's problems.

Hmm, maybe it is. Thoughts?

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Jamie Dawn said...

I don't know what VoIP is because I'm pretty much a computer/technological moron, but my guess is you were right when you said it wasn't the answer to all the world's problems. Last time I checked, the world still had a problem or two.

Love the pics of your cute son on Flickr.
My kids are now 15 & 17, but I still love taking pics of them.
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Hope you have a wonderful weekend.