Monday, October 10, 2005

Word verification - back in place

The grand experiment is now over. After, oh, 16 hours, I have reimplemented word verfication on the blog. (Click here for the original entry.)

Almost from the moment I removed the feature, I have been getting slammed with comment spam. What's worse, it's been hitting older entries as well, making it even more difficult to hunt down and remove.

I know there are a number of things I should be doing, such as:
  1. Implementing Haloscan commenting.
  2. Moving the blog to an entirely new platform.
  3. Setting up my own domain.
Although all of these remain on my wish list, the thing I lack at this time is...time. Using the Blogger service is a relatively low-overhead means of maintaining this blog. I don't have the free time to move everything over - not now, anyway, but hopefully soon.

Until then, I'll apologize for forcing you all to type in wacked-out key combinations when leaving comments. Blame the scum among us who insist on ruining what should otherwise be an enlightening, inspirational experience.

Thank you for your understanding.


Pieces of Me said...

Hey Carmi!! I definitely dont mind typing a few extra biggie!! You have become one of my new fav bloggers...I love your posts and you always are so nice to comment on mine!! TTYL

kenju said...

I don't mind either, Carmi! You are always worth it!

Michele sent me, and there's a new post to read!

Mrs. Fun said...

Hey, i make you do it on mine so we're even;-)
its really no biggie.
I also would love my own domain but i lack the talent.

Trish said...

Thanks for the visit and comment!

I would put on a post and within seconds I'd have 3 spam comments... and I didn't even know 3 people who knew I had a blog yet!! I don't mind verifying on others.

You're right about the gift-balancing. I just hate when he spends SO much money that we don't have!! I'll do better for him once I start getting my pay check!

Plain Jane said...

I don't mind typing a few extra letters either - and I'm wrestling with the same problem myself.

I have my own site, use Word Press, and love it - however, I'm finding that I have to constantly update my filter words as these idiots find different ways to be bothersome.

What a waste of effort and time.

Dean said...

I hate comment spam. In fact, I hate spam of all stripes. So I don't mind typing in a few letters.

Kevin said...

Here today from Michele's.

There's no need to apologize. Word verification is a very minor annoyance when compared to the onslaught of spam that shows up without it.

Thumper said...

As more and more blogs *have* to implement wod verification, even those who hate it will just get used to it and not think twice. It's not that big a deal.

But yeah...haloscan is awesome. I don't think I've ever gotten spam in my comments...

colleen said...

Wow! Now my name has a heading! What happened? Did you fix something, Carmi?

I wanted to say that I don't mind the word verification at all. I like to make up words and imagine what a high score I would get if this was a scrabble game.

TC said...

I don't mind having type out a few extra random nonsense letters to get the chance to chat back at ya, don't worry about it, I understand

TC said...

oh and michele sent me!