Sunday, October 09, 2005

Word verification - removed

Utenzi - his excellent blog is located here - raised an interesting point in this entry. Namely, he contends that Blogger's word verification feature is an annoyance for visitors.

He raises a valid point: bloggers of all stripes must walk the fine line between the following two seemingly opposing concepts:
  1. Efficiently protecting against the human and technological nasties that threaten our sites daily.
  2. Keeping things easy-to-use for visitors.
Word verification was introduced a couple of months back to quell the recent swell of garbage comment spam entries that suddenly cropped up on blogs. It isn't the first such threat to arise, and it certainly won't be the last.

I added it to the site as soon as I started to receive my own unwelcome visitors. But Utenzi's words have struck home. It amounts to punishing visitors because of the idiocy of others.

So if you're OK with it, I'm going to run without word verification for a bit. I'll see how much comment spam comes in. Some of it might be amusing, after all. I'll delete it, of course, but I hope its temporary presence in my comments section doesn't bug you too much. On the flip side, it'll be easier for you to leave comments. So feel free to go nuts!

Your turn: Comment spam - good or bad? What would you do to a comment spammer if you could meet one in person?


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Julia Elvarado said...

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Carmi said...

Carmi here. Damn, that's impressive: not 15 minutes after I pull word verification off the site, I get two pieces of comment spam. Impressive!

I'll leave 'em up for now, just for the fun of it.

Is that the best you can do, spammers? Come on, be creative!

utenzi said...

Yikes. It looks like you'll need to put it back in, Carmi. Wow. I've not had word verification at all and it's rare for me to get spam. I wonder why--but maybe my case is unusual.

Michele sent me--but to do no harm. Sorry, Carmi. I might have to ammend that post of mine!

Chatty said...

Well, it will keep bots out but sadly, morons can still type and leave crappy messages.

I, however, am here to say hello. I love coming here and Michele sent me.

yellojkt said...

I usually get 1 or 2 spam comments right when I post and then nothing. So I just check back about five minutes after a post and then delete the spam. they are so easy to spot it's not a big problem.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Break their fingers so they can't type, oh did I say that out loud?


Tammy said...'s kinda weird that as soon as you remove the word verification, there they are...spammers united!

Yes, the word verification is a bit of a pain...but having dealt with spam so bad that I actually changed blog platforms (I was getting several HUNDRED spam messages in a 15 minute time span!), I'm more than willing to type those lil' letters.

Michele sent me! Altho I love it here anyway. :)

Barbara said...

If I met a spammer in person I would not hold a normal conversation. Instead of responding to what he/she says, i would always respond with a pitch for something I am selling.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Michele sent me. That's hilarious that the spam appeared instantaneously! I kind of like word verification, particularly when curse words come up.

Yaeli said...

Wow! They were quick! I just find it frustrating that you constatntly have to protect yourself these days. you have to protect from internet spammers, people who steal your photos and info and claim it as their own, and just random idiots who delight in trying to spoil everyone elses fun. It's invasive and rude.

kenju said...

I don't mind seeing spam in other people's comments, but I would hate dealing with it in my blog.
If I could meet a spammer in person, I'd give them such a bawling out!!

Carmi, the site for those babies was sent to me by a friend, in email. He finds all sorts of wonderful stuff on the web, as he sits at the computer all day long!

Pieces of Me said...

I dont like I just use the word verification...It is no biggie..I dont mind typin a few letters to keep spammers out...ya know?? I just love your blog and your comments on mine are always sweet...I come here on my own this time and will attempt to remember how to add links and I will be adding yours soon...Thanks for you kind words!! TTYL

Indigo said...

Personally, I hate comment spam and that's why I changed to haloscan. It's free, or $12 (1x) if you choose to upgrade, and there is no spam.

I'll do the word verification, but it's nice when I don't need to. Sometimes I can't get the letters right because they are so twisted. Usually if I don't get in 3 tries I give up. Oy.

Janey said...

It's ok, put it back in. By now everyone understands comment spam. I doubt it would stop someone from commenting. I'm on Typepad and I guess they have built in software. I've never been hit by spammers (yet). Even though I'm tonight from Michele (who says hi by the way), you know I would come for a visit anyway right?

buffi said...

Hey Carmi! Michele sent me tonight. I think that the spam is very annoying (although pretty funny o nyours tonight). The word verifications usually make me laugh. I try to make them into acronyms. I'm a freak, I know.

Have a good Happy Thanksgiving!

Trinity13 said...

I agree with Utenzi that maybe the word verification should be shorter. Why can't it have fewer letters?

Btw, Michele sent me!

Danb said...


A great comment system that can be used with blogger is Haloscan

You'll find it at

i've had it up for the life of my blog and never once had a single problem with it.

Just thought you'd like to know

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm going to suggest Haloscan again. Actually there are several free programs for comment programs and spambots don't seem to touch them.

Have a great day :)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I don't have any problem with using word verification. And I love it on my blog because it stops the spam. And if I met a comment spammer I'd make them eat only spam for the rest of their lives. Even if they were vegetarian. Or maybe especially if they were vegetarian!

Janet said...

comment spam is bad, bad, bad, and I don't in the least mind typing in a word to help prevent it!

Oh, and hi, Michele sent me :-)

TC said...

How funny that as soon as you took it off, you had spam. I don't really mind word verification, although it is always a nice little surprise when I don't have to type in some random letters at the end of my post.

Jamie said...

I think they watch the newly updated pages list, and spam those.

I, too, use Haloscan, but have also recieved spam on it. But not nearly at the rate you get it with blogger comments. Maybe because you can block users by their IP addy, if you need to.

I personally like not having to type those silly letters.

Mrs. Fun said...

but the spam is more of an annoyance for visitors and authors ;-)

Bruce Riddell said...

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